Month: June 2012

Bruce Bradley, 97.1 WYNY New York | Summer, 1980

One of our original contributors from way back in 2002, Alan Fletcher, included this on something he called “AM/FM Snippets”. There were two discs, as I recall and some tapes that he had sent also. This is an excerpt from the original Volume 1, featuring Bruce Bradley in AM drive. It’s from, I THINK, July of ’77 based upon the material surrounding this 8+ minute scope. You’ll also hear some news from Jack Welby, a longtime voice of the old “New York 97”. The Late Bruce Bradley was probably best known for his on air work at WBZ Boston, first in the early 1960s during it’s Top 40 days, and then later, during the mid and late 80s after his time at WYNY. Bradley held down afternoons for quite a while in Boston and was a perfect fit there. We don&...

Composite, 99.5 WZPL Indianapolis | March, 1993

Its been a long time since we featured something out of Robyn Watts’ collection and after exchanging emails recently, I thought it time to find some more goodies! This is from another East Coast Airchecks tape – this one the label had come off so I was unaware until popping it in the cassette deck just what was on it. It features the then-airstaff along with a lot of station promotions! This was put together exceptionally well and was obviously a station promotional tape submitted especially for ECA.

Jim Conley; Jackson Armstrong, 1020 KTNQ “Ten-Q” Los Angeles | 1979

This has been sitting around the Airchexx studio since 2004… a composite that’s had an 8 year wait to hit the Airchexx Archives! This kicks off with Jim Conley filling in for Dave Sebastian who is out sick on this particular day. Conley begins at 12 Noon and this scope spans the entire 3 hour show. Jackson Armstrong and the Gorilla pick up at 3pm with the wildest, zany and positively MAD presentation heard anywhere! Armstrong is certainly at his BEST on this day, with the exception of ONE break where he misses the post! Talk about rare! Technically, I doctored this up a little bit, but overall it was in very good condition. The only complaint is, BOY those jocks were quick on the mic button! This was obviously recorded on a skimmer tape deck wired in-line to the studio board, t...

Composite #2: 1380 KWK St. Louis, 106.5 WWWK Granite City | 1979

As confusing as it is listening to this aircheck next to the ‘standalone’ KWK aircheck recently posted, here’s a good example of how the migration of music stations from AM to FM began. In this case, later in 1979, KWK began simulcasting its format on 106.5 WWWK from suburban Granite City. They called it simply, “Stereo KWK”. Amazingly, and likely somewhat confusing to some listeners, the next break after the live Legal ID, the other slogan from 1979, Thirteen Point Eight, KWK is spoken. I love it, and it always seemed a great move to me to highlight the AM frequency and position on the FM signal. Perhaps the best example of how things moved to FM that’s similar to this that your webmaster can remember is when WZYQ Frederick moved to FM. It was a simulca...

Composite: 1600 KATZ St. Louis | 1979

Despite being a R&B station going back to the late 1950s, there’s really not much written history for this 5,000 watt AM station. We do know that the station was known in the 1960s and 70s as “Soul 16”, as evidenced by the header on a scanned top 20 playlist sheet posted below. Contributor Bob Buchhauser did send along his liner notes: KATZ – an urban mainstay in St. Louis flirts with disco on this air check. As you can tell, AM1600 is heavily day parted. Bennie & the Jets? Great jingles. TM Shotguns if I remember correctly. This aircheck is from sometime in 1979. Today, KATZ airs an Urban Gospel format and calls itself The New 1600 Hallelujah AM. KATZ is currently owned by Clear Channel Communications.

Composite: 1380 KWK St. Louis | 1979

1979 was the last year that AM stations thrived on music formats. Especially Top 40. Here’s a station that obviously knew that FM was going to be king and tried to market itself accordingly. It’s on-air monniker at the time was “KWK 13 Point 8 on AM”, obviously trying to sound like it had an FM frequency. Contributor Bob Buchhauer describes this station at the time he recorded it: Doubleday Broadcasting won 1380AM out of receivership after the previous KWK owners lost their license several years earlier for staging a bogus treasure hunt where the prize was never hidden. This air check was prior to Doubleday purchasing WGNU-FM. You’ll hear Bruce Vidal who later moved up to Los Angeles and KIIS, “KISS FM”. Dick Ervasti (Dick Hughes) does midmornings. Dick was the voic...

Day Composite: KMOX 1120 St. Louis | 1979

Contributor Bob Buchhauer writes: This legendary CBS O&O, clear channel (1120AM) pulled 20+ shares back in the day. The late Robert Hyland (V.P. & G.M.) assembled a top notch list of talent including Jack Carney, Jack Buck (Joe Buck’s father), and Jim White. You’ll hear Jack Buck hosting an afternoon segment of “At Your Service”, and yes, Bob Costas who covered nighttime sports for Jim White.

Philadelphia CHR Wars 1 – Part 1a | 1992

Robyn Watts is one of our earliest and largest contributors, having donated tapes that were recorded from home, and and obtained through some of the largest legitimate traders in America, such as California Aircheck, etc. Several of our early composite cassettes donated by Robyn Watts had descriptive labels that identified them with a company called “Hecht Enterprises”. I’m not sure if this was part of a weekly trade publication or if they were an airchecking service outright, but somehow this got into the hands of our Contributor, who then passed it along to us here at Airchexx back in 2004. Here’s part 1 of a composite that goes back and forth from ‘Eagle 106’ (a station that’s been gone for a long time now) to WIOQ “Q102”. Q102 is st...

Philadelphia CHR Wars 1 – Part 1b | 1992

Several of our early composite cassettes donated by Robyn Watts had descriptive labels that identified them with a company called “Hecht Enterprises”. I’m not sure if this was part of a weekly trade publication or if they were an airchecking service outright, but I could certainly see this in the hands of a PD, listening in his office some Monday afternoon… This is side 2 of Part 1. John Lander “Live from the Nut Hut” on Eagle 106.

AM Music Holdouts – 950 KXJK Forrest City, AR | September 17, 2004

Who would have thought that any AM station was doing an independent, in house music format, post 2000? There were a few. Quite notably, Forrest City, Arkansas, had a daytimer on 950 AM which did have a full-time Classic Hits/Classic Soul station. KXKJ had a number of things going for it at the time of this recording. First, the signal covered an enormous amount of real estate. From Little Rock, through Memphis, TN and points north and south, KXJK could be heard all over the Mid-South, at least during the day. The station was also broadcasting in C-Quam AM-Stereo. When their stereo broadcasts began is anyone’s guess, but they still had the exciter on in 2004 when this was recorded. The station also had live jocks, at least during part of the day. Who knew that there would be a station...

Composite: 63 KXOK St. Louis | January, 1979

Description by Contributor John Buchhauer: After years as THE Top-40 station in St. Louis, KXOK continued their decline and at the time of this air check recently switched to a more adult approach. The New KXOK billed itself as “AM means Adult Music on AM 63”. The majority of the jocks stayed on, although a couple found it difficult to turn down their energy levels. At 5 PM you can hear KXOK switch from their daytime to nighttime pattern. Chicken Man is even back for an encore run. This seems to be a full-day composite. Among the voices you’ll hear, Phil Duncan. If I recall my radio history, Phil was the last Rock DJ on 89 WLS Chicago. As the late Paul Harvey used to say, …”and now you know the rest of the story”.

John Dowling, WPGC AM/FM Morningside (Washington DC) | Sunday, May 27, 1984

Here’s a very different sounding 95 WPGC than the others you’ve heard on this site. By 1984, WPGC, an AM/FM simulcast operation, had completed the transition from Top 40 to Adult Contemporary, and the usual elements you’d find on AC radio are all here. In this 13 minute scope you’ll hear John Dowling (who sounds suspiciously like someone from the old WXLO 99X New York), the *soft* hits of the day like Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias’ “To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before” (at this point I step in and say… thank GOD this is SCOPED!), recurrent songs from Dan Fogelberg and others, and a real GOLD library – you’ll be amazed to hear Elvis’ live version of “My Way” on WPGC! Lest we not forget the jingles. Never h...