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99.5 WZPL / Indianapolis

Composite, 99.5 WZPL Indianapolis | March, 1993

Its been a long time since we featured something out of Robyn Watts’ collection and after exchanging emails recently, I thought it time to find some more goodies!

This is from another East Coast Airchecks tape – this one the label had come off so I was unaware until popping it in the cassette deck just what was on it. It features the then-airstaff along with a lot of station promotions! This was put together exceptionally well and was obviously a station promotional tape submitted especially for ECA.

99.5 FM Indianapolis Dave Smiley Ryan Seacrest Julie Patterson 95 1/2 WZPL Z95

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  1. The callers are certified geniuses.



  2. This one was produced by legendary WZPL production director Johnny George for radio music industry trade FMQB Friday Morning Quarterback. It was part of a weekly new singles CD that FMQB included with the print edition. At the time, Don London was WZPL PD, Garrett Michaels was MD and station voice was Billy Moore.


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