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Joe Causi & Ron Parker; 101.1 WCBS-FM 40th Anniversary Broadcast, Part 3 | July 6, 2012

In Part three of our series celebrating CBS-FM’s 4th anniversary, we pick up where we left off in Part 2, with Joe Causi who started right after Dan Taylor’s morning show. Among the highlights of this segment: Flashback airchecks from Ron Lundy, Randy Davis, Dandy Dan Daniel, Norm N Nite (WNBC, WCBS-FM), Bill Brown and Don K. Reed. Guests include Cousin Bruce Morrow, Dan Taylor, Jim Douglas (Jack Mitchell) (from sister station WWFS Fresh 102-7), Dion Dimuchi (Dion & The Belmonts), Tommy James (Shondells) and Gene Cornish (The Rascals). All that, plus both Joe Causi and Ron Parker read emails from listeners and both give their recollections of their careers at CBS-FM. This is one of the most entertaining and well-produced radio specials we’ve heard in a long time! Lis...

Composite: 1300 WAVZ New Haven | August 1974

Going back several years ago when Andy Bologovsky sent in a bunch of WAVZ CDs for us, here’s a recording that’s a bit confusing. Its labelled August 1974, and for some of the promos heard in this, it is likely from that date. However, we hear Ron Foster in the middle of the Top 100 countdown of 1969. No idea where that came from but we’ll include it here since it apparently was intended to be a part of this presentation. We’ll also hear Brian Phoenix, a promo for the movie “Walking Tall”, more Ron Foster in a live remote broadcast. A promo for the movie “Black Godfather” and a spot for Edward Malley’s (a store in New Haven). This is labelled “Tape 46”, apparently of our Contributor’s own collection. Originally sent in ...

Composite: 1300 WAVZ New Haven | July 3, 1973

From Contributor Andy Bologovsky, bits of promos and live shows from 7/3/73. The Gas crisis is on and ‘The New Waves’ provides tips on how to save energy. We hear actual airchecks from Mason Lee Dixon and John Long. This is a bit tough to listen to. Apparently recorded with a small cassette deck mic placed in front of a radio speaker, the sound is tinny. And if you listen carefully enough, you’ll hear a kid’s voice in the background. I think all of us recorded the radio in this manner when we were very young and just getting interested. I did – back in ’76 made a few low-quality tapes this way of WBZ Boston, which did survive into the 80s but certainly not long enough to make it to Airchexx (and that’s a shame). How many of our visitors did?

New York City Blackout – Radio Coverage | July 13, 1977 – Reloaded

July… Heat, Humidity, Hot Dogs… you know the drill. Often, especially in the Northeast, one of those cool fronts brings relief but they also bring trouble. This particular night in 1977 is remembered by nearly every New Yorker around back then. It started off as a miserably hot day, then a BIG storm front blew in… but it was only one of a chain of events that would leave Big Apple residents in the dark. Radio covered it well. Lots of audio from WABC, WCBS, WINS & others.

Fast Tommy Lee, KSAQ San Antonio | 1989

New Contributor Tom Clay describes this short South Texas Goodie: Here is an aircheck of Fast Tommy Lee doing afternoons at KSAQ-Q96FM in San Antonio. The station was programmed by Leo Vela of the Miami Vela’s and was owned at this time by Inner City. Scott K James did mornings, Barbara Lynn Rice in the mid day (Mrs. Michael Morales, and that means we KNOW who she gave Her love to..) Fast Tommy Lee in the afternoons.

Dan Taylor; 40th Anniversary Broadcast, Part 2 – 101.1 WCBS-FM New York | July 6, 2012

Dan Taylor says he got his start in radio right there at WCBS-FM, just two years out of high school in 1978. That’s a wow moment for me, having discovered Taylor on 1050 WHN in the 80s. And of course, he was a major part of the old WNBC “Time Machine” broadcasts in 1987-88. Taylor never mentions his other radio accomplishments, being that this is a celebration of 40 years as “New York’s Oldies Station”. Being that this is the morning show, there are all the typical program elements that go into the program including news (from the WCBS 880 newsroom these days), Traffic and Mr. G’s weather. Memorable guests on the program include one of the former program directors of WCBS-FM (just a tease here, listen for it), former jock Dick Heatherton, and more!...

Gene Klavan on WNEW 1130 New York | August 1975

This starts out with a very nice narration by our contributor, Ed Montgomery. Very tastefully done and we thank Ed for this wonderful look at a very unique radio station! One thing people remember about WNEW was the 15 or so year run that this station had as a pure, local, Standards station. What fewer people remember is when WNEW AM played some contemporary music. In fact, Metromedia had a very successful Full Service AC station on its hands, which was very heavy on personality. Gene Klavan is one of those hosts that WNEW fans remember fondly. This begins with a 3 minute introduction by Ed Montgomery. The aircheck opens in the middle of a commercial break – how about a 1975 Ford?! Then listen for WNEW News with Bob Hagan, and then on to the Gene Klavan show. What’s most striki...

Broadway Bill Lee; 40th Anniversary Broadcast, Part 1 – 101.1 WCBS-FM New York | July 6, 2012

Hosted by a modern-day legend of a jock, we kick of the first of many scopes of CBS-FM’s 40th Anniversary. “Broadway” Bill Lee graces us with his vioce, our first choice for the guy who rhymed his way from WTIC-FM, to KFRC and back to New York where he eventually landed at 101.1 at the 2007 Re-launch of ‘Oldies’ on “New York’s Greatest Hits, CBS-FM!” This one will leave you breathless! There’s more action in this 17 minute scope than most authentically classic AM clips on this website. If you’re a big fan of how radio is supposed to sound like, you just MUST listen to this! Appearing in no particular order, Broadway Bill Lee, Chuck Collier, Bill Winters, Jim Harrington, Randy Bachman (in a liner) – with mentions of Dan Ingra...

Format Change: FM News Ends; New Rock Begins, 101.9 WEMP New York | July 17, 2012

Essentially picking up where the old WRXP “Rock Experience” format left off with a new and improved twist, Merlin’s 101.9 FM dropped it’s almost year-old FM News format at 10:05 AM. Our sister site, Radioinsight, as always, covered the event while the rest of the radio world looked on. You can read the rest of our coverage here. Click Here for Audio courtesy of The Format Change Archive Related Posts: Rock 101.9 WRXP Farewell, Part 1 Rock 101.9 WRXP Farewell, Part 2 Rock 101.9 WRXP Farewell, Part 3 New York’s 101.9 FM Reinvents Itself as 101.9 FM New

Jim Elliot & Don O’Day on WPGC AM & FM Morningside | September 23, 1977

This is Musicradio WPGC! From sometime in the 70s, a really GREAT morning show featuring lots of elements to make you smile. A Gong Show type contest at just before the hour… Dan O’Day and “Choose Your News” (some may remember this feature at WLS Chicago), and more! Overall, this apparently right out-of-the-skimmer tape is fantastic! WPGC would eventually morph into an Urban station in the 80s, but untl then, what an amazing Top 40 station this was!

Alex Mitchell on 1540 WDON Washington

Originally posted on September 24, 2006 From the late-70s (I’m guessing 1977) when Jimmy Carter was still president and the Nation’s Capitol still had music on AM, here’s Oldies WDON. Alex Mitchell sounds excellent in this, a very AC sounding Oldies-based station. WDON bills itself as “Washington’s Gold Rush”. Well, this is unique. You’ll never hear The Partridge Family played on any of the remaining Oldies stations today!

Simon Trane on 79 WQXI Atlanta | May 1969

Our second Simon Trane aircheck – we have lots of fans waiting for this. Less than a half hour in length but we think you’ll enjoy going back to the 60s, as WQXI played LOTS of Motown! Another, courtesy of Karl Phillips.

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