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101.9 WEMP / Format Changes / New York

Format Change: FM News Ends; New Rock Begins, 101.9 WEMP New York | July 17, 2012

Essentially picking up where the old WRXP “Rock Experience” format left off with a new and improved twist, Merlin’s 101.9 FM dropped it’s almost year-old FM News format at 10:05 AM. Our sister site, Radioinsight, as always, covered the event while the rest of the radio world looked on. You can read the rest of our coverage here.

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Click Here for Audio courtesy of The Format Change Archive

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  1. What a change! … specially made for people who are in the mid’s 30 to 40 years old that still likes Rock … kind of Classic Rock Radio Station I’ve heard in many places USA and Canada … hopefully will make success … greetings from Patagonia CHILE S.A.

  2. It’s about time New York is thinking about the rock fans.
    This station is awesome. They play new alternative rock and hard rock actually.This is cool.

  3. This needs to work! Yeah I am 50, but enough with staions that only play the rock classics. I want to be exposed to new rock & alternative music. Welcome back and I hope you are here to stay!

  4. Yes THANK YOU !
    I knew that FM NEWS crap wasn’t gonna last long. I wanted to cry when RXP went off back in 2011 and it’s back THANK GOODNESS !!
    I love this station !!

  5. It’s about time New York has a great rock station !
    Love this station !!
    The best damn rock station in New York !!
    I knew that shitty FM NEWS wasn’t gonna last long !!

  6. We certainly need a station with some balls that’s not afraid to have a musical format that plays outside the box. LOVE IT!

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