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1300 WAVZ / New Haven CT

Composite: 1300 WAVZ New Haven | July 3, 1973

From Contributor Andy Bologovsky, bits of promos and live shows from 7/3/73. The Gas crisis is on and ‘The New Waves’ provides tips on how to save energy. We hear actual airchecks from Mason Lee Dixon and John Long.

This is a bit tough to listen to. Apparently recorded with a small cassette deck mic placed in front of a radio speaker, the sound is tinny. And if you listen carefully enough, you’ll hear a kid’s voice in the background.

I think all of us recorded the radio in this manner when we were very young and just getting interested. I did – back in ’76 made a few low-quality tapes this way of WBZ Boston, which did survive into the 80s but certainly not long enough to make it to Airchexx (and that’s a shame). How many of our visitors did?

1300 AM New Haven WAVZ John Long Mason Lee Dixon Andy Bologovsky

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  1. Been there and done that…This recording sounds just like the cassettes I recorded from Oct 1970 thru 1979…I have about 50 of them…then, in 1984, I got a STEREO cassette-radio (boombox) and my recordings became 110% BETTER….I made about 50 more cassettes of those until 1993…that’s when it was not worth my time because radio was not worth my time anymore….I still have all those cassettes from 1970 thru 1993 and they all still work…some just sound better than others…it was a great hobby.


  2. The voice on the first few promos sounds like that of Bobby Rich, who I beleive left for KHJ just prior to this aircheck.


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