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1000 WCFL / Chicago

Jim Runyon, WCFL Chicago | August, 1966

The Chicago Federation of Labor station, as heard during the Summer of 1966. The jock is Jim Runyon – he’s got a smooth voice, and the advertisements feature smooth ladies’ voices! At least, the one for “Compoz” does.

You’ll hear five minutes of scoped Jim Runyon, then a minute of WCFL News headlines before its back to music and the end of the recording.

The recorded level on this tape was so low that about 50 percent of the audio sounds like tape hiss… but re-mastered it’s not too bad.

Runs 7:34, scoped. Enjoy.

AM 1000 Chicago WCFL The Voice Of Labor John Driscoll Dick & Doug Larry Lujack Federation of Labor

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  1. If you listened on the skip, you got used to this level of signal to noise ratio. In fact, a dedicated DXer listens to much worse.

  2. I’d never heard Jim Runyon other than with Dick Orkin (Chickenman, Tooth Fairy). He used his voice, sound, and “self-compression” beautifully. Great sense of humor, too. As a teen I heard a lot of Ron Britain and Barney Pipp, but being in NY state didn’t get much WCFL during the daytime.

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