Month: October 2012

Steve Edwards, KHLT Little Rock | 1987

Here’s Steve Edwards’ morning show on AC KHLT, known on air back then as K-Lite. Note the wide variety of music, although we don’t get a true feel for the rest of the day’s programming. We do get a News and Traffic update along with a weather forecast for the Little Rock area. This is courtesy of longtime contributor Robyn Watts. California Aircheck is a company that services radio station program directors (and I suppose, collectors) with samples of other markets. This is a tape excerpt from cut one, side two of #SM-11. I don’t know if these old tapes are still available or not but California Aircheck is still around online, and we thank them for their diligent aircheck services over the years.

Composite: 1580 AM Stereo KDAY Santa Monica/Los Angeles | 1989

Contributed by Jeffrey James Holland on CD, here’s one we know virtually nothing about. KDAY was a somewhat legendary Top 40 station in the 60s and 70s, but here in 1989 it’s an Urban station playing mainly rap and a few slow jams. There’s three jocks highlighted along with the stop sets with ads tailored to the African American community. Not sure how popular the station was in ’89, but it is notable that they were promoting themselves as an AM Stereo station. We give them extra credit for that! If you know the details of this or any KDAY broadcast from that time period, we’d appreciate your comments below.

Calvin Hicks/Mitch Zano, WSSX 95SX Charleston SC | November, 1996

Charleston, SC is an under-rated market. I say that knowing that there are a lot of Large and Medium sized markets that did and still do have plenty of talent gracing the airwaves. This time, we have a pretty long late afternoon/evening composite of 95SX. At the time of this recording, it was pretty much the lone survivor of the CHR war that once was between 95SX and the former WKQB Q-107 which flipped to Country as WBUB in 1990. That 80s CHR war was not so much won by 95SX due to ratings, but thanks to divine intervention in the form of Hurricane Hugo, which devastated much of the Lowcountry in 1989. Q-107 took six months or longer to get back on the air, and when it did, it was for about a month before going bankrupt and the station purchased by a group which included Charlie ‘Bird...

WPRO-FM Providence | August, 1974

First posted in November, 2004, here’s the return of a legend! WPRO-FM, only a few short months away back at the time of this QC from being called ’92 PRO-FM’, is shown here doing what this station has been doing continuously for almost 40 years now – playing the hits of the day! That kinda makes it a honest-to-goodness legendary Top 40 station – I mean, even WABC only played the hits for 22 years. How many stations can claim that? If any of our listeners remember hearing this station in the early 70s, we’d appreciate reading your comments!

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