“Broadway” Bill Lee, 97.1 WQHT ‘Hot 97′ New York | April 25, 1990

Currently on the legendary 101.1 WCBS-FM, Broadway Bill Lee (WTIC-FM, KFRC, WLOL) holds down the afternoon drive on Hot 97. Note the intensity of this aircheck! Not only that, but looking back, this doesn’t sound Urban, so much as a dance-oriented station. But after all, this was 1990 and Hip Hop would really come into its own as the 1990s took hold.

Another reason why Bill Lee is one of the best there’s ever been and he’s still relevant even today!

Here’s another great aircheck from East Coast Airchecks and Robyn Watts!

WQHT Hot 97

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Steve West

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6 Responses

  1. AM says:

    This is from April 25, 1990. The date is given in the first few minutes. Dont matter though… Bill Lee is timeless, one of the best ever to grace a CHR mic.

  2. andrea d. wiener says:

    and 20 years later, Broadway is on Broadway; at WCBSFM 101.1!!

  3. calradiopd says:

    Broadway Bill is amazing.

    That’s not him in the photo. Not even close.

  4. calradiopd says:

    Okay…what’s it advertising?

  5. Cecelia says:


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