Tom Lacko, 98.3 WESA Duquesne, PA (Pittsburgh) | 1983

Contributor Tom Lacko sent this in a long time ago and for some reason it never made it to the archives. Here’s a 4 1/2 minutes of the old AC station 98 ESA. Licensed to Duquesne, PA, this is the Pittsburgh Market.

We know next to nothing about this station in the early 80s, although in 2000 the station flipped to Country under the “Froggy” brand, using the call letters WOGI. WOGY (Memphis) morning man Jeremy Mulder (Danger Frog) started in Morning drive at WOGI when it launched after WOGY 94.1 Memphis changed formats to Modern AC.

I’ll leave further comments to our site visitors.

Steve West

I am the owner and editor of, an audio museum of radio history. An audiophile and broadcast professional, I have worked on the air in radio stations in Central Massachusetts, Charleston, South Carolina, Corpus Christi, Texas, Memphis, Tennessee and Norwalk, Connecticut. Full disclosure: Steve "West" is my radio name, assigned to me by the former Ops manager at what was WMBZ, 94.1 "The Buzz" in Memphis. I kept it for the radio stuff I do.Currently, On-Air at on-line station weekends, and by day I am an Electrician at Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford, Connecticut.

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  1. Joseph P. says:

    I like this aircheck a lot!

  2. Joe Crain says:

    You want more information on WESA? Check out the WESA Tribute/Memory page on Facebook:

  3. Joe Crain says:

    Found a nice montage of WESA on YouTube… these are TM Jingles from the mid- 70’s—including a full length “WESA LOVES YOU” jingle touting the benefits of the WESA listening area. Enjoy!

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