Peter Tripp, “Your Hits of the Year” | December 31, 1959

To some, 1959 may seem like just yesterday, but this recording returns to a time when even in New York, everything was slower.

WMGM 1050 owned by Metro Goldwyn Mayer (the film studios), was in a heated battle for the teen audience with its pioneering Top 40 format. Its main competition was WINS 1010. The two stations competed in every aspect, their news departments scrambled to get stories aired before the other (see the DeGaule incident) and the music was teen dance oriented, in the time of the Payola scandals. In fact, while host Peter Tripp denied ever being involved, the scandals greatly affected his career, along with the careers of other high profile DJs.

When the government forced WMGM’s owner at the time, Loew’s Theatres, to sell out, Storer came along with a promise that there would be NO MORE ROCK MUSIC on 1050, and so, in 1962, WMGM expired and the original WHN call letters were restored, along with a relaxing music format, thus bringing an end to a decade of Top 40 music on AM 1050.

Peter Tripp, for his part, had been a big part of the forward momentum of WMGM. He was known for a show called ‘Your Hits of the Week’. This was the year end variation of that.

Its just our way of saying, “Happy New Year”. Here’s to many more re-runs.
1050 AM New York WMGM WHN WUKQ WEVD Peter Tripp

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