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Jon Anthony

Jon “Rock & Roll” Anthony was a national voiceover talent, a longtime radio air personality and an early contribtor to

Anthony’s career began in 1973 at WDAL Meridian, Mississippi and from there his popularity grew. He went on to work in a number of large and major markets, ending his career in Tampa, the last 15 years in radio at WFLZ.

Jon Anthony passed away on Saturday, December 28, 2012 after a lengthy illness, however, his legacy lives on on this website thanks to his generocity.

The following files are available for listening. These are in Real Audio format, but will be converted to MP3 soon. You need to have the Real Player software installed on your computer to listen. We apologize for any inconvenience.

* 1977 – Musicradio 68 WMPS Memphis
1983 – “All Hit 105″ WAVA Arlington
* 1984 – “Hot Hits” 94.5 WZOU Boston

Steve West

I am the owner and editor of, an audio museum of radio history. An audiophile and broadcast professional, I have worked on the air in radio stations in Central Massachusetts, Charleston, South Carolina, Corpus Christi, Texas, Memphis, Tennessee and Norwalk, Connecticut. Full disclosure: Steve "West" is my radio name, assigned to me by the former Ops manager at what was WMBZ, 94.1 "The Buzz" in Memphis. I kept it for the radio stuff I do.Currently, On-Air at on-line station weekends, and by day I am an Electrician at Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford, Connecticut.

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5 Responses

  1. Karl Phillips says:

    Hello John. Great quickchexx !! Listened to you on the “late” WFOX here in Atlanta. Thanks for the e mail a couple of months ago. Rock on…great voice….

  2. jimmy fuller says:

    Hi Jon, I remember you from your days at kixx 104 in Nashville, Tn. Still don’t know how you talk so fast when your behind the mic, and not miss a beat. you’r one of the best.
    Thank’s for the memories.

  3. John says:

    Hi Jon:

    Remember you when WCOZ later became WZOU in Beantown!

    Take Care,


  4. Lundy B. says:

    Yo Jon,
    I remember when you were spinning Gospel plastic at WLPH Irondale Alabama. Seems like yesterday we were running back and forth to ERC in Birmingham after a ball game in the park. Attempted to play your A/Cs but they wouldn’t download. Try a quicktime format. Would love to hear you Rockin from the real rock era of radio.

  5. Bruce says:

    To Jon Rock and Roll Anthony Fans and Colleagues,
    I went to High School with Jon and he and I were roommates when we were at ERC in Birmingham just out of High School in 1973. Jon passed away December 30th, 2012 after a long illness at his home in Brandon Florida.
    Jon loved Radio and wanted to do nothing else from early in his life. He was a special talent and was a muse for so many more that came along throughout his life. He mentored so many and was always willing to spend time with those that wanted to be a part of the legendary era of Rock and Roll DJs.
    I can still hear his airchex’s in my head. He was his own worst critic always working to time out that perfect intro.
    A veteran of many big stations such as WAVA, WMPS, WSGN, Q105 Tampa, and the Power Pig Tampa, millions of people heard his voice and many will miss him and his contribution to Real Radio Personality.
    Rock on Jon!
    Bruce, Gulf Shores Alabama

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