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98.7 WXLO "99X" / New York

Jay Thomas, Charlie Steiner, 98.7 WXLO “99X” New York | October, 1978

Its shortly before Haloween and Disco is in full swing. Here’s what seems to be a collection of airchecks which were recorded on one cassette side. I put this all together into one composite because it all deals with the morning show bits of Jay Thomas and includes several full newscasts from Charlie Steiner.

The ongoing theme here is the 20 part special which 99X is running on the Disco craze. The first part we hear at the end of the first newscast is from 99X jock Bob Sloane. Other notables on this aircheck include a story about how the National Weather Service is testing a computer voice for it’s NOAA weather radio (they had that in 78?), and the Red Sox about to be swept by the Yankees for the first time in many years.

There’s lots more, including full stop sets so that you hear some of those old businesses of which some might not even be around anymore. Interestingly, while this is the Mighty 99X, there’s very little music heard here at ALL. But most definitely worth your 40 minutes.

WXLO, 99X, 98.7, New York, WRKS, WOR-FM

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  1. Like those disco reports. I still think of Jay Thomas as AM guy on WAPE.


  2. “Flash Flood” sounds like Mr. G, Irv Gicofsky, still on CBS-FM.


  3. Flash Flood was Bill Corbell. He was the weatherman on WOR-AM at the time, but on 99X-FM he was nicknamed Flash Flood by Jay Thomas. I worked at 99X at that time.


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