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94.9 WINZ-FM / Miami

Cousin Bruce Morrow, WINZ Miami, Part 2 | September, 1974

Courtesy of Contributor Steven Green.

Recorded off the air into a mic/table cassette machine by the sound of it, our contributor made a couple of hours worth of recordings of this interesting aircheck of Cousin Brucie making an appearance on WINZ.

The first aircheck starts with Lee Sherwood but segues in to Bruce. Lee worked at WNBC-AM mangement.

And, perhaps thats the missing piece of the puzzle. Morrow would go on to do nights at WNNNNNNNBC shortly after this was recorded. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to bring the huge ratings he’d had at WABC with him. But it was entertaining, nonetheless.

Says Green,

Bruce left WABC two weeks prior to this day and took some jabs at WABC.
Within a year, WINZ would be an all news station.

This arrived in several segments. Here’s Part 2.

940 AM Miami, WINZ

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  1. Cousin Brucie was, way back when, the replacement for Bob Green (not the same one as was on WQAM). He left Miami to go to WABC, and the rest is history.


  2. Cousin Brucie was, way back when, the replacement for Bob Green (not the same one as was on WQAM) right there on WINZ. He left to go to New York from there, and the rest is history.


  3. And to think, he came to WINZ in the first place from WINS in New York (the same city not only where he was born and raised (he’s originally from Brooklyn), but also to whence he returned to radio–this time, WABC, almost a year into its storied Top-40 format)!


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