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Art Vuolo on 102.9 WOIA Ann Arbor| May, 1967

Courtesy of Robyn Watts… Here’s an aircheck of a very YOUNG Art Vuolo (of Vuolo Video Airchecks) playing around on WOIA in Michigan. Included is, an unbelievable newscast delivered by John Landecker. The voice doesn’t even resemble “Records” Landecker… but, could it be this is one in the same person? Listen for yourself and see if this is the legendary WLS night jock or not!

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  1. Is this an aircheck or a Boogie Check?

  2. Yes, that’s John Records Landecker of WLS fame.

  3. Well! I didn’t know that “Radio’s Best Friend” was ever on the air as a jock. This is quite a revelation. By the way, WOIA (102.9 FM) is today’s WWWW “W4 Country.” If I’m not mistaken, Landecker also worked in Michigan at WILS in Lansing and WERX in Grand Rapids.

  4. John Landecker also worked from about May, 1966 to about September, 1966 at WTRX Flint, as “Dow Jones”.

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