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Mike Greene on WQIO Mt. Vernon Oh | 1988

93.7 WQIO Q93

From new contributor Mike Greene comes this short but super hi-fi quickcheck from the Midwest. Mike emailed this one in from his personal collection. He writes:

WQIO was a creation of mine from the ground
up. We gutted the old studios, changed the call letters, increased the
power to 50,000 watts, hired a completely new staff, went live 24 hours,
targeted a young audience, “played the hits” and had a bunch of fun
doing it. I was the General Manager of the station and did Saturday mornings
to help keep the “overhead” low. We did well in Central Ohio covering the
Columbus, Newark & Mansfield markets.

Mike actually sent in two… but we’ll save the other one for another time. Thanks, Mike, for sharing!

WQIO Today

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  1. ‘love the voice…’s to die for! He’s so HOT!!!!


  2. Mike,

    Where are you now? Trying to organize a WQIO reunion.
    Great Aircheck. Brings back alot of memories.

    Rick Cruz


  3. I remember when WMVO first changed to WQIO in the summer of 1987. I had it set on my clock radio, and it was off the air for a short time (while the old station was changed over). The best part about it was the format and the NEW media used (Digital Audio Cassette). I also liked the morning show with Macy, Stacy & Skip. I always wanted to get a picture of Stacy but the station never sent me one!! I remember seeing the Super-Q van around Galion and Mansfield, where I lived in the late 80’s. The sound clip also brings back good memories!


  4. Shouldn’t this be under a Columbus link?


  5. Absolutely LOVED this station. They were always a preset in my car and on my home receiver even though I lived on the very southenmost edge of their signal area.


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