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13 WKNR / Detroit/Windsor

Mort Crowley resigns on air from WKNR (Keener 13) Detroit | March, 1964

“…Only a fool would work under these conditions”

Its a rainy, cold morning in the Motor City, and station management has left a memo to the morning guy … he can only use one phone line for his show because the phone company is concerned about too many listeners calling in. So what does he do? What any responsible air personality would do…

This is Mort Crowley, first aircheck of him for this website, so it’s really quite a catch!

This came to us on cassette from the ‘annonymous’ contributor (we know who he is but he made us promise to keep his name a secret). The audio quality is superb, considering the year of this broadcast!


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  1. Did you take this this tape at my father’s memorial service to make money for yourself?


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