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QuickChexx: 1190 KLIF Dallas | 1972

The next series of airchecks pertain to the Dallas market – in particular, Gordon McLendon’s contribution to broadcast history in ’72.

Perhaps there has been no greater innovator in all of broadcast history than McLendon, from his baseball play-by-play re-creations to HIS style of Top 40 radio.

This is one in a series of KLIF / KNUS airchecks that we’d like to present to you. All scoped, but all apparently original recordings in terrific condition!

One thing of note… Notice how many different call letters 1190 Dallas has had since 1990 (from

KFXR from 11/12/2001
KTRA from 04/09/2001
KJOI from 09/29/2000
KLUV from 08/17/1998
KOOO from 01/10/1997
KDFX from 11/03/1995
KGBS from 08/17/1992
KUII from 02/04/1991
KYII from 12/25/1990


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  1. See for more KLIF


  2. Pretty sure Gordon was NEVER the Mayor of Dallas…He did run for the Senate in 1964, but lost.
    He sold KLIF in February 1972 as well.


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