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J.R. Russ narrates a WBUX Doylestown PA, Sales Demo | 1990

Used as a sales tool, this demo for WBUX 1570 AM, Bucks County, PA is well produced and does get right to the point, using a few air samples and a description of the station’s live, full service features.

The format seems to be Top 40, and if so, would have been one of the last holdouts on the AM band. There was hardly any music on AM in 1990, but you have to give this station credit for trying.

Does anyone do station demos like this anymore?

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  1. Y-yeah, I would say that WBUX in the early 1990s (no earlier than 1991, as they mention the station’s owners having bought it that year) was Top 40. Either that or it was an early Hot Adult Contemporary station.


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