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101.1 WCBS-FM / New York

Max Kinkel, 101.1 WCBS-FM New York | March 24, 1994

Courtesy of Steve Green, here’s The Maxman on CBS-FM! Notice how much Kinkel does with sports! This aircheck features a great caller bit at about :35 minutes in.


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  1. You site is terrific. I’m listening to your WCBS-FM link right now featuring Max Kinkel. I really wish CBS FM would bring him back. I know he’s still recovering from a bad rear ending a year ago, but I hear he’s feeling much better and has had had several recent offers. I recently spoke to him, and I could tell he wants to be back on CBS. I sent an e-mail to the President of CBS Radio, Dan Mason, suggesting he bring him back. The station knows what his ratings were when he was on, and the ultimate profit he brought to the station. Perhaps if you know something, you can let me know. Also, could you tell me if you have an aircheck or tape of any shows from Hank Spann (aka The Soul Server) – when he was on WWRL in NY in the late 60’s and early 70’s. I’m looking for that, and willing to pay a fee.

    Steve Ellis

  2. Max Kinkel is doing Morning Radio In Sullivan County NY, for WVOS-FM “The Greatest Hits Of All Time” 95.9

    • Hi, I’m replying – but almost 3 years later. Sorry for that, have had several computer crashes, etc. In any event, is Max still doing the WVOS show. If not, what are his whereabouts ? Also, another friend of mine and I have recently caught up, George Flowers, who’s name I’m sure you’re familiar with.

  3. I worked with Max many years ago at WBAX 1240 AM, and to this day he has been one of the most influential people in my life. He taught me everything there is to know in the business, and there are no better “pipes” out there!

    • Like Jim, I was one of the folks who had the honor of working with Max At WBAX — I was his morning news guy. Max was the best at what he did — entertain. Even in the medium market – he was a leader (albeit unappreciated). CBS-FM would be a perfect place to return.

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