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99.5 WLOL / Minneapolis/St. Paul

Minneapolis CHR WARS 2: Pam Lewis on 99.5 WLOL

99.5 Minneapolis WLOL

What was it that set WLOL apart from KDWB? First off, it was the fact that KDWB was your typical mainstream CHR. Musically right in the middle of the format, while WLOL was more dance oriented. In particular (and there’s more insight to this at the WLOL TRIBUTE SITE), WLOL did break a couple of national hits due to their custom song mixes. tries to provide a history lesson in presenting all this great audio, so in addition to hearing Pam Lewis and some custom mixes that you unfortunately can’t hear in this scoped presentation at WLOL, you get 2.5 semester hours at university for absorbing some good info! Um, don’t let it go to your head (but you might do the tribute site webmaster a favor and visit his site)

99.5 WLOL

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  1. Twin Cities’ Music, WLOL!

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