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101.1 WCBS-FM / New York

Composite: WCBS-FM 101.1 New York | 2003

Its been said that WCBS-FM began to lose its music focus in the few years leading up to the station’s inevitable demise (was it really inevitable? CBS brass thought so). Even if that’s a true statement, the talent was always right on the mark!

Here’s a glimpse of our favorite Oldies station with it’s core air talent still intact. What CBS/Viacom corporate never understood fully, it was the air personalities and the way this format was presented that made it all so wonderful. The music was secondary and always could have been tweaked. So, from 2003 by numerous requests for more CBS-FM…. here you go, courtesy of Justin Case (sorry for the ommission!).

WCBS-FM 101.1

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  1. I thought this sounded familiar to me, I made this composite back in 2003 when I was just starting to get into the whole radio business. CBS-FM was a HUGE Influence on me, especially Ingram. I tried to get all of the airstaff on one tape, but unfortunately I wasn’t an insomniac so there’s a few noteable voices missing from this tape. But it took about 2 weeks to put together at the time, and I’m Glad that this is Finally on the site. Thanks Steve!


  2. “Justin Case”…wotta riot! 😀

    And it was shortly before Big Dan hung up his mic and headsets for good at ‘CBS-FM, sadly. 🙁
    2 years later, the station, well, just didn’t amount to Jack. 😛

    Thank goodness WCBS realized and reversed itself… 😉


    • “…2 years later (2005), the station, well, just didn’t amount to *Jack*.”

      LOL!! ****THAT’S****!!!! a good one!


  3. Justin Case thanks for sharing this awesome composite! So many talented CBS-FM voices.


    Scotty Campbell


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