Tony Cox on WZKS 96-Kiss Nashville | July 1984

Nashville. Not Union, MS, as is the current home of those call letters. Everything changes, including this vintage 80s CHR which these days is WCJK from Murfreesboro, outside of Metro Nashville.

Music City has always been a hotbed of radio talent and this was no exception. While the city at that time was very much buried in Country music, the mainstream side of the entertainment world was cookin’! This runs just over 13 minutes.


  1. Wow.. What an amazing little time capsule! I was probably listening to this when it originally aired. Most people switched to 96 when Kicks 104 changed formats around 1984 or 85. It’s funny listening to these ads. I remember Brass A being advertised heavily in the late 80’s. I remember Channel 39’s brief time on the air. I remember the annoying Sloane’s Honda guy. The Screaming Delta Demon ride just opened up at Opryland. 1984 was just an awesome summer.

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