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94.1 WYSP / Philadelphia

A Tribute to The Greaseman: Part 2 – Doug Tracht, WYSP Philadelphia | March, 2003

94.1 Philadelphia WYSP

In our second recording paying tribute to this legendary performer, Greaseman is heard on 94 WYSP… more outrageous than ever and demonstrating an ability to write a script with more creativity than any current morning show, here’s a real professional at work!

Welcome to all our friends at the WMET Greaseman Board! Don’t forget to leave your comments below!

WYSP Philadelphia

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  1. Hey Steve, I just found this video of Greaseman. Check out the master at work, recording a call and then adding jokes to a song that he followed up with after the call was played.


    Steven Green

  2. Genius.So talented this guy.

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