Month: September 2013

MicroChexx: Rhett Walker & Dickie Shannon, 79 WQXI Atlanta | 1976

Wow this is short but what an incredible glimpse to the giant of a radio station WQXI was even in the mid-1970s! Here’s a couple of breaks from my old friend (from Memphis) Rhett Walker, and a couple of quick breaks from Dickie Shannon. This rocks, and so did WQXI! Thanks to longtime contributor Karl Phillips for sending in a few more tapes to add to his collection!

“The Smoker”, WZZP “Zip 106” Cleveland | September, 1978

Courtesy of Contributor Gus Gossert, Here’s this scope of Zip 106, playing the hits of 1978. You’ll enjoy listening to this and consider that this was another FM doing Top 40 in a time where most of the action was on AM.

The last hours of “All Hit 105” WAVA Arlington | February 12, 1992

WAVA’s end as a CHR station is featured here in this celebratory tape sent in by Robyn Watts! Ironically, Chris Taylor who is also heard on this tape was going to send a copy 10 years ago when we were both in Memphis. We’re glad he’s doing well. Many of the voices heard over the many years that this station was a hit maker are included in this, now LEGENDARY recording of the night it all came to an end. Arlington got ‘SAVED’ this night, and its been preaching salvation ever since. This features the last night from 6 – 11pm, but does not include the last hour staff goodbye and format change. We’re still waiting for that piece of audio which, after all these years, might never arrive.

KYW 1060 Philadelphia Remembers September 11 – The Tragedy and The Courage

Contributor Julius May donated this recording of a 30 minute special aired on the one year anniversary of the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks upon the World Trade Center in New York City. The recording speaks for itself in terms of emotions, which still ran high one year later. Produced locally by KYW, this actually aired on September 9, 2002, which happened to be a Monday, therefore they used that as a basis for the one year anniversary. Some parental guidance is suggested. Please, educate your children as to what happened. This is a good tool – no political pandering here, no sides taken, no speculation on conspiracies. Just the facts, timeline, and actual audio from 9/11. Facts don’t lie, and neither does history recorded live.

QuickCheck: A Sample of L.A. Rock History – 106.7 KPPC Pasadena | June 3, 1966

In researching this scratchy old tape that was obviously recorded from a pressed RECORD made from a recording of KPPC on 6/3/66, I discovered the rich history of 106.7 goes back to 1962 when the Pasadena Presbyterian Church (from which the call letters were derived) first launched this FM station to augment their service on AM. The storied history of this last-of-its kind AM time-share is documented in various places on the web, so I won’t re-write it here. By 1966, the church still owned KPPC, and the station wasn’t sold to Crosby-Avery Broadcasting until 1968, so while it seems unlikely that this conservative church would air Progressive Rock, either one of two things happened: A. The date on this tape is dead wrong, or B. Freeform Progressive Rock was being broadcast, at lea...

Dancin’ Danny Wright, 104.3 KEBQ Kansas City

Who knew Danny Wright was such a hot CHR jock! Here’s a GREAT composite of a weekday featuring Dancin’ Danny Wright on Q104.3 Kansas City. Here’s the best of the decade of big hair and fantastic jingles, courtesy of new contributor Dave Erwin! Your task, as listeners, is to identify: 1. The jingles. Company and package. 2. Who was the program director? 3. What was the studio street address 4. (most important) – what is the exact date of this aircheck? We await your answers below. 🙂

Mike St. John, 98.1 WOGL “Oldies 98” Philadelphia, Part 1 | September 9, 2001

From new Contributor Joseph Anthony, a two-part clip of WOGL and it’s original OLDIES format featuring the hits from 1955-1975. While it seems like Oldies has been dying a slow death, actually it’s only been the past five years or so that the 50s and 60s music has been replaced and the format morphed into “Classic Hits” from the 70s, 80s and even early 90s at most former Oldies outlets. That said, Here’s Mike St. John, filling in for Hy Lit just two days before the 9/11 attacks (that date mentioned as a point of reference).

Brian & Joe on WENZ 107-9 The End Cleveland | August 13, 1992

Brian & Joe bring in Cleveland’s Mayor (White?) for an interview on the occasion of his birthday. It’s a good recording featuring callers and some silliness. Thanks Robyn Watts for another great contribution!

Jackson Armstrong, 1050 CHUM Toronto Composite 1968-69

Canada, as the United States, had it’s ‘golden Top 40’ age during the 1960s and 70s, and perhaps no other Canadian radio station had greater success with the format than Toronto’s 1050 CHUM. Imagine, a radio station that had so much success as a music station that it launched its own music company. Perhaps all that stemmed from the format’s early flirtations with payola, but CHUM, Ltd. exerted an enormous influence on pop music’s major artists – at least in Canada. And went on to be the biggest Top 40 station north of the border! Featured here, is a composite of various recordings of a man known as the fastest mouth on radio! The late Jackson Armstrong (WKBW, WPOP, KFI, others) roars to life in this composite from 1968-69 and proves beyond a shadow...

“Smokin'” Joe Dawson on WBBM-FM Chicago | February 4, 1986

Dawson’s pace is perfect for this high-energy taste of FM Top 40!. Remember, WLS was STILL a Rock station, so there was a lot riding on the success of WBBM-FM. And, as one of our visitors pointed out, this isn’t actually the Hot Hits!(tm) era, but quite ‘hot’ nonetheless.

Al Bandiero on WKTU (92-KTU) New York | Sometime 1985

The date which accompanied this particular aircheck says February ’79. Obviously wrong, but this is another great aircheck from your webmaster’s favorite DJ (yea, the guy who inspired me to go into radio in the first place… to think of all the instability I could have avoided… thanks Al!). This is from 1985 – proven by a couple of commercials and the music (someone care to guess the date?). Notable, because later that year the CHR format would go away to make room for WXRK, 92-3 K-Rock. You’ll hear two different Bandiero segments, recorded at different times. Commercials have been left in, and will someone tell us, what was “Go 92 KTU”? Its not terribly long, at just over 9 minutes in length but it is in stereo for you with a good sound syste...

Dan Ingram, 77 WABC New York | July 16, 1961

It’s the SWINGIN’ sound of 77 Radio in New York! From the earliest days of WABC’s Top 40 format and one of Dan Ingram’s first broadcasts, here’s the beginning’s of what would become one of the most popular Top 40 stations in broadcasting history. This opens with a promo for Herb Oscar Anderson’s morning show, then moves right along into Big Dan’s show. Listen for WABC Action Central News toward the end. Notice how promos and such are done in a very ‘announcer’ type fashion. Conversational-style announcing wouldn’t come along for a few more years. This recording is somewhat muddy, and sounds like it is not a first-generation recording. Contributed by Steven Green, there’s no telling how many times this was dubbed off bu...

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