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92.9 WZGC / Atlanta

Composite: WZGC Z93 Atlanta

92.9 Atlanta WZGC Z93

Contributor Karl Phillips checks in with yet another Atlanta offering.

Going WAY back to 1973, its just about the beginnings of WZGC (92.9 FM), the station known as Top 40 Z-93.

This is a composite, featuring Brian Drake from ’73, Jerry Cook from 1974, Ross & Wilson from 1979, Randy Reeves from 1979 and Dale O’Brien from 1979.

The audio quality isn’t really that good and we tried to clean this up as much as possible by nulling out the left channel and remastering to mono (the left side was terribly distorted), but there is still a lot of noise in this final cut. Such is sometimes the case with these old tapes.

92.9 Atlanta WZGC Z93

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  1. Sorry about the quality of this folks. The late Gary Gears did the top of the hour ID’s.


    • Its fine, Karl. Sometimes these tapes just don’t age well. Not your fault at all.

  2. “Shotgun” Jerry Cook is Tommy Goodwin. How do I know? That’s me!
    Had a ball in 1974 at Z93 Atlanta!!!

  3. Did you work with Machinegun Gary Morgan?

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