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103.3 WEEI-FM / 94.5 WZOU / Boston

QuickChexx: Uncle Johnny on WZOU & Doug Alling on WHTT Boston | 1985

94.5 FM Boston WZOU WCOZ WJMN WHDH-FM Brian Pierce Uncle Johnny Sunny Joe White

This is mostly some scoped Z-94 WZOU, but with one WHTT (Boston) break at the end.

Incidently, both call letters are gone from the Boston market. At last report, WZOU was in use in NH on some AM station, and WHTT is in use in Buffalo on an Oldies station.

wzou.jpg whtt.jpg

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  1. I still have my Z94 T shirt, given to me by one of their DJ’s in Government Ctr in around 1986. Across the back of it in blue reads: Boston’s 10 in a row music station. I also remember WHTT. Whenever I’m in Boston these days I tend to tune to WBCN.


    Tim Merritt.

    Guildford, Surrey, Ehgland.


  2. I have a tape floating around that I made in ’91, that consisted of the contest tag “Get out of the cold, and get set to Sun Your Buns…Lock It In on your Number 1 Vacation Station! 94 point 5..W Z O U….BOSTON!” LOL

    It has J.R. In the Morning’s song intro (Get Your Head, Outta Bed…) Human Numann’s joke intro/ Karen Blake’s Intro, a cut of Lucy Hill doing the traffic.

    I loved that station!


  3. W.H.T.T. Boston!, HITRADIO!


  4. WZOU used to be on 1470AM in Lewiston ME, but is currently unassigned


    • 1470 got the WZOU calls after 94.5 got rid of them.


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