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1450 KSOL / San Francisco

Sly Stone, KSOL San Francisco | December 24, 1964

1450 KSOL has been gone so long there’s no record of either a logo or even a radio station on 1450 – at least not in FCC records. KSOL is a radio station on the FM side at 98.9 and historically speaking, did pick up the Soul/Urban tradition that was once KSOL (AM).

1450 also once had the call letters KSAN. But all that is lost to history, save for us here at Airchexx.

Sly Stone (born Sylvester Stewart on March 15, 1944) is apparently back in the music business as of this writing. He and the band have a new album out called “Higher“, and he is apparently giving interviews, such as this one. We at airchexx are very happy to see this great performer doing well!

We have another aircheck from Sly Stone the Dee Jay here.

This is a great, decent quality recording from Christmas Eve, 1964. And… yes, Sly sounds quite green as an announcer, but this is a wonderful look into a whole different time and place, when Sly’s career as a performer was just kicking off!

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  1. Great Nat King Cole jingle.Fun Aircheck.


  2. Doesn’t sound green to me- considering the era, he sounds very good to my ear. LOVED this one!


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