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92.7 WLIR / Long Island

Sample: 92.7 WLIR Garden City NY | August 4, 1984

For Alternative and true Album Rock Radio fans, the story of WLIR is somewhat sad. The original WLIR had its license revoked in 1987 over some long dispute over its operating on a Special Temporary Authority by the FCC, some 15 or so years prior. We really don’t know all the details, what we do know is that the station lost its license and another company came in and brought the station back under the call letters WDRE. There’s a lot of heritage with the “Dare to be Different” marketing slogan and the “Underground Network” of 8 stations run by WLIR. Its all gone now, and 92.7 is now Spanish WQBU.

92.7 WLIR Garden City NY

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