Month: November 2013

MicroChexx: Mucho Morales, KPWR Los Angeles | November 8, 1988

Michael Jackson is still a hot artist – perhaps at the top of his game, in fact, Power 106 is promoting the 2nd night of the Michael Jackson concert the following night. Mucho Morales is featured here, but within the first few seconds, Jay Thomas (WXLO, Sirius/XM) voices a promo for his morning show. This is so short, there’s only a few talk breaks by Morales, but you certainly get a feel for the flow of this station! Power 106 remains Urban as of this writing. Courtesy of Contributor Neal Bowden!

Batt Johnson, WRVR/WKHK Country 106.7 New York | Undated

Originally posted on 10/15/04 in Real Audio format. No date given on this one. Batt Johnson (WNBC, WYNY) is heard on the Country incarnation of 106.7 under the WRVR, then WKHK calls. This is a very AC/MOR sounding Country format. Unable to penetrate the New York City market dominated by rival 1050 WHN, 106.7 would eventually flip to AC as WLTW, using the slogan “Lite FM” which is still in use today. Courtesy of BigAppleAirchecks

WYHY Y-107 Nashville gets featured on 48 Hours | 1989

Sometime in the late 1980’s, the evening news program ’48 Hours’ did a segment on top 40 radio. Or, should I say, outrageous radio. Y-107 was so outrageous, it was prominently featured as a classic example of ‘sinful’ lifestyle (yes, Jerry Falwell was shown preaching against it.). This is priceless, if only to showcase just how big Nashville’s Y-107 was. If only they hadn’t blown it up – and a great many fans would agree with me.

Loren Owens on KIMN “Denver 95” | April 2, 1979

Here’s the longtime host of the current “Loren and Wally” morning show in Boston, at his prior gig in Denver. Owens has this really dry sense of humor that is evident in parts of this aircheck showcasing his morning show on KIMN. Morning shows were quite different back in ’79, just one guy doing a show filled with time & weather checks, full newscasts, traffic, etc… but not the Hollywood updates and other senseless babble that fills shows today. Owens really shines as a jock doing a morning gig here, and the same style is evident currently at 105.7 WROR Boston – only he adds a lot more comedy into the routine today. This is fun listening – at 19 minutes you really get a feel for KIMN and life in Denver!

Steve Casey, 1440 WROK Rockford IL | January, 1979

Here’s a second helping of Contributor Steve Bleecker’s own show in Rockford Illinois. Yes, 1979 was a great year for music and we’re really impressed by the big sound that WROK has. Jingles on this station were mainly from JAM Creative Productions’ “Positron” package during 1979. The station’s processing was obviously top notch (kudos to the engineer, whomever he or she is). This is the station’s logo today

“Rockin'” Ron Kay, KOBO “K145” Yuba City, CA | 1975

You may never have heard of Ron Kay or KOBO, but this is FANTASTIC! Here’s an AM Top 40 station that plays everything from Led Zeppelin to Disco. Ron Kay is a GREAT personality, he’s funny and while he didn’t send in a description for this composite, perhaps we don’t really need one. Apparently KOBO has been gone for quite a long time, we can’t find a logo or any information for this station from many decades ago. And Ron’s right when he writes that he thinks the audio quality is better than much of the material already online. It is. Listen. It’s good!

Murray The K, 1010 WINS New York | March 17, 1961

Here’s something given to us a few years ago by Contributor Ray Bozzanca, recorded onto one of his reels. The audio quality is not that good but the historical value certainly IS! Listen for old Dodge car commercials, pimple cream commercials… lots of live ads, live promotions of Murray the K’s upcoming live appearance on Long Island. In 1961, WINS was a pioneering radio station in the world of Top 40 radio. In fact, the station wasn’t really Top 40 in the truest sense, in that they played whatever was popular along with older material that they thought the audience would enjoy. For example, this show begins with Murray the K’s opening jingle (about a minute long!) then Murray goes right into a Frank Sinatra record! Granted, this particular program, Kaufman sa...

Dick Bartley, “Saturday Night Classic Countdown”; 101.1 WCBS-FM New York | February 13, 2011

Contributor Scott Lowe gave us this perfect recording of Dick Bartley’s “Classic Countdown” on CBS-FM. One of the really cool features of this is the fact that Bartley did this show for CBS-FM, and it’s not some syndicated show that he did generically. But, Dick Bartley is… himself. He comes across professional, if not just factual. This countdown was from this particular week (Valentine’s Day Weekend) in 1977. Your webmaster scop

Steve Bleecker, 1460 WAXC Rochester | Fall, 1977

The WAXC call letters in Rochester NY have been gone for so long they don’t even show up in the FCC’s historical database. Too bad, for a station that sounded this good. We’re in 1977 and Contributor Steve Bleecker sent this in of himself, playing the hits on a cool Autumn day. Listen and be entertained.

QuickChexx: Bill Lee, 103.5 WAPP “Hot 103” Lake Success NY | July 29, 1985

New Contributor Marty Glenn Siegel has been waiting a few years for this to post. Its an excellent one, too! Broadway Bill Lee (WTIC-FM, KFRC, WLOL, WCBS-FM) mentions he’ll be going back to Minneapolis after his show, so one has to wonder if this was an audition or just a visit. It’s mighty good to hear Lee at his rhyming best, knowing he’d be spending a lot of time in the Big Apple in times ahead. WAPP had been an AOR (Album-Oriented Rock) formatted station until fairly recently at the time of this aircheck. It sounded like this. Prior to its Rock format, 103.5 aired Beautiful Music as WTFM. Licensed to Lake Success, NY, the station served (and still does today as Dance oriented WKTU) the greater New York City area. This is from WAPP’s CHR era.

Chuck Knapp, 680 WRKO Boston | April, 1967

Tape recordings are an amazing thing. Someone hit the ‘record’ button at random, and at times, such as this, we get to hear something quite amazing. That this tape survived all these years is amazing in and of itself! Recorded just about a month after the launch of Top 40 WRKO from the ashes of sleepy WNAC, here’s Chuck “Chuckles” Knapp, heard doing an ultra high-energy show! Now, everyone knows that WRKO was a Drake/Chenault consulted radio station, you’ve all heard the Johnny Mann Singers short jingles. Now listen to this! WRKO did not begin its Top 40 life as a Drake station. The familiar “Boss Radio” sound heard at KHJ and KFRC is not present in this recording. The jingles are even a different melody and certainly NOT what we were accusto...

Sneak Preview; “Boss Radio” 93/KHJ Los Angeles | April 29, 1965

A piece of audio we’ve been sitting on for several years which came to us on a large reel, I thought it was time to dust this off and post. This runs 31 minutes, 30 seconds, and includes segments from Robert W. Morgan, Roger Christian and Gary Mack. You will find that a small segment of this can be found elsewhere on the web but we have by far, the longest segment of this, the first broadcast of the then-new Top 40 format of KHJ. The success story of KHJ is documented elsewhere, both on the web and in print, most notably by former Program Director Ron Jacobs. His book, KHJ: Inside Boss Radio, published by Zapoleon Publishing, Stafford, Texas in 1992 is great reading for anyone interested in how “Boss Radio” came to be. Perhaps the best way to remember this former RKO/Gene...