Month: December 2013

Steve O’Brien, 101.1 WCBS-FM New York | October, 1999

Courtesy of Big Apple Airchecks, here’s a high-quality aircheck of our good friend Steve O’Brien, apparently recorded right after the New York Yankees won the World Series of Baseball. The century is winding down, its a balmy day (near 70 degrees) in the Big Apple, and WCBS-FM is still New York’s OLDIES station, playing the music of the 50s, 60s and 70s with an occasional 80s tune. Its the station everybody grew up with before “Jack” came along in 2005 and spoiled the party for a while…

Walt Baby Love, 98.7 WXLO New York | May 17, 1974

Walt Baby Love is BACK! Literally – Here’s 30 minutes of 99X, RKO General’s Q format, New York FM style on a station known and loved for generations after its heyday. Do you know that Elton John was once a DJ on 99X? Its true! In the Summer of 1975, Sir Elton was a guest on Lee Douglas’ show on 99X, and was such a hit that Douglas let him have a couple of hours on the air! Here’s what it sounded like. Walt Baby Love is, indeed, a much loved Deejay. He came to 99X from “The Big 8”, CKLW Windsor, Ontario, another legendary Bill Drake formatted station from the 1960s that for a while in the 1970s, would pick up RKO General’s “Q” format. You can hear Walt Baby Love on CKLW HERE. Walt Baby Love was a radio DJ for a long time before bec...

Gary Williams, 105.7 WVBF Framingham (Boston) | December, 1988

Toward the end of its long, storied history as one of the Boston area’s first successful FM radio stations, WVBF here is a fairly uptempo station, but after two decades of playing contemporary music in one form or another, this station here known as “The Wave of Boston” was not the ratings winner it had once been. Still, there’s a very warm feeling one could get listening to 105.7 at the latter half of the 80s. Gary Williams is heard a little while before Christmas, and while you won’t hear any Christmas music in rotation, Williams makes mention of Christmas celebrations, and some commercials do as well. So, we’ll place this as sometime in December, 1988 based upon the ‘current’ hits. Inflation has obviously hit since this was recorded…...

Rick Allen, 98.3 WESA-FM Charleroi PA

Here’s another from our single-largest Contributor to date, Robyn Watts. Before this station’s move to Duquesne PA in suburban Pittsburgh, this was a somewhat lower powered rimshot signal. For many years, this was a partial simulcast with its daytime only AM station, WESA. WESA-FM was branded “Class-FM” and at the time of this recording was Adult Contemporary. Unfortunately, we can’t pin down an exact date but it appears to have been recorded in the late 1980 or early 1990s. Later, in 1998, 98.3 would change formats to Top 40 and change call letters to WZKT. The station was sold to Keymarket Communications in 2000 and they in turn, changed the format again, this time to Country music. The call letters changed to WOGI to reflect a catchy monniker that stuck for...

QuickChexx: Larry Richards, 96.1 WHTX Pittsburgh

Does anyone suppose that there’s such a thing as a dead frequency? How about a ‘failed’ frequency? Okay, lets completely rephrase this. Just how many times, do you suppose, does one radio station need to change format and call letters until the respective owners find one that manages to grab and keep and audience and ratings? Since 1960, 96.1 in Pittsburgh has had EIGHT different call letters and even more formats. Perhaps the most successful of the 20th century was the Country format with the calls WXKX, “96 Kicks”. The station seems to have hit its stride since 2000, with a CHR format known as “Kiss 96.9”. Enough history. Okay, we’re all about history… Confused yet? This is very short, just over two minutes and includes a couple of br...

Suzie Barber, 96.9 WMYG Braddock PA (Pittsburgh) | 1990

Another from longtime Contributor Robyn Watts, this is a 5 minute scope of Classic Rocker WMYG Pittsburgh, known on air as “Magic 97 FM – Home of the Classic Tracks“. The station’s history describes WMYG as really beginning as Soft Rock formatted WFFM. The station played Soft Rock during the day, but beginning in 1985 started playing Classic Rock 7pm- Midnight*, then, in 1986 flipped to Classic Rock full time and picked up the WMYG calls. Pittsburgh listeners will likely remember more details than were available on the web and we invite visitor comments to complete the history of this radio station. The featured jock is Suzie Barber. Since 2005, 96.9 has been Variety Hits WRRK “Bob-FM 96.9” * Source: Wikipedia.

90s Sample: 100.7 WXXP New Kensington PA

The recording date is unknown for this sample of 1990s 100.7 Double-X. Oddly enough, there’s very little information available on this radio station, so listener input is very important as we log the history of radio.

Jordan, 96.9 WLAN-FM Lancaster PA | August 29, 1998

There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of posted airchecks from the late 1990s anywhere, and possibly because by then, radio had gelled into the early stages of what we have today, with perhaps more live voices than now. Either way, WLAN-FM sounds very similar in sound to another station we know well, 104.5 WXLO Fitchburg/Worcester (Massachusetts). But what’s the difference? WXLO has always been solidly in the Adult Contemporary format and this WLAN-FM is CHR. Calling themselves just “FM 97 WLAN-FM”, they do play pretty much everything Rock, pop and almost Hip Hop (before it became mainstream). In fact, there’s so much Alternative product concentrated in the music from 1998, this is almost an Adult Rocker with a few pop tunes thrown in. Plus, an 80s stiff fr...

Sample: 98.3 WAZO Long Beach NC | July 30, 2000

Recorded during it’s first week on the air, here’s just a 3 minute sample of then-new CHR 98.3 “Channel Z”. Although this was recorded 13 years ago, there really is very little information available about this radio station. Interested listeners with information are highly encouraged to post their comments below.

1010 WINS New York Reports on the Passing of Stan Brooks | December 24, 2013

“You Give Us 22 Minutes, We’ll Give You The World” That slogan, and the All-News format as we know it today owes its beginnings to the late Stan Brooks. Stan was the News Director in 1965 when WINS parent company, Westinghouse Broadcasting, approached him about building a 24 hour news format. At that time, WINS was still a Top 40 station, trying to compete with rivals WMCA and WABC, and was the first station in New York to do ‘top 40’. The news format launched in 1966, and the rest, as they say, is history. WINS aired its Stan Brooks story all evening on December 23rd when the story broke, and all day Christmas Eve. Lee Harris anchors this report and reveals more about Stan Brooks than most people know or remember.

Michael Parnell, 106.5 WSYN Georgetown SC | August 4, 2000

Perhaps you were vacationing in the Grand Strand, driving around Myrtle Beach or anywhere up and down US 17, you might have been listening to those Golden Oldies on Sunny 106.5. The signal was pretty impressive, you could hear this all the way down to Charleston and up north of Myrtle Beach thanks to a transmitter that was not quite mid way in between both cities. This day, Michael Parnell is filling in for Brian White on the PM Drive show. This was recorded between 3:32 – 4:17 pm.

Angela Jordan, 105.7 KMCK Fayetteville Ar | January 9, 2002

…Power 105.7 is the Number ONE Hit Music Station! As is every other CHR formatted station in the nation, at least these days. Power 105.7 here is live. This aircheck kicks off with an imaging bed, and Chris Baker doing a remote broadcast from Lakeland Marine and the 13th Annual Boat Show. He implores you to go on down. Don’t forget to pick up some station swag. Then its on to Angela Jordan and the jingles and sweepers of Power 105.7… with a bit of scoped out music thrown in for good measure. I kinda poke fun at modern CHR stations. They are so predictable that most jocks who have been in the business very long could almost recite word for word what the jocks are going to say next. But while I poke fun, I’ll point out this this IS a live show, in a place where it cou...

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