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101.3 KDWB / Minneapolis/St. Paul

Composite: 63 KDWB St. Paul (Minneapolis) | July, 1976

Courtesy of longtime Contributor Mike Donovan, here’s something we’ve verified as having come from a publication known as “American Air Chexx, an aircheck service from the 1970s and 80s which sold tapes to program directors and the general public – if the public even knew about such a service.

This is a short station demo composite of the old 63 KDWB. The whole air staff is identified by the narrator, who sounds as if he is the Program Director or the Manager. Because the recording was cut off before he can identify himself, we’re left guessing, but someone out there knows this voice and can tell us exactly who this is presenting 63 KDWB!

In order:
Mike Butts
Bob Lang
Jeff McKee
The True Don Blu
Smokin’ Joe
The Cosmic Phoenix
Mark Reineer


101.3 Minneapolis KDWB St. Paul Mike Butts Bob Lang Jeff McKee The True Don Blu Smokin' Joe The Cosmic Phoenix Mark Reineer Doubleday


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  1. The PD/narrator of the composite is John Sebastian

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