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990 CKIS / Montreal

Joe Leone Demo, CKIS “Oldies 990” Montreal | 1992

Contributor Daniel Coulombe from Canada sent this in a few years ago. Joe Leone was a personality on this short-lived incarnation of what once was the legendary Bilingual Top 40 CKGM. Perhaps our favorite top 40 personalities of all time were heard on CKGM, but you should really judge for yourself.

Appropriately running about 3 minutes in length, this highlights not only Joe Leone’s air talent, but the whole sound of “Oldies 990” in general.

990 Montreal CKIS CKGM Oldies Team Marc Denis Joe Leone


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  1. joe leone used to be on 960 cffx kingston now long gone as pd i remember a great station for sure he was on the weather network for a bit too

  2. I would listen to the jingles.

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