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104.7 KZZP / Phoenix

Clarke Ingram, 104.7 KZZP Phoenix | August, 1986

Sometimes we hang on to these for no apparent reason. Our social media friend Clarke Ingram is featured on this mid-1980s look at KZZP. Note the station’s slogan way back in 1986 was “The Number ONE Hit Music Station”. By the sound of it, Clarke was having a great time. This is a FUN station!

104.7 Phoenix KZZP Kid Corona Jason Garrett Clarke Ingram

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  1. Clarke Ingram was one of the best jocks EVER. Period.


  2. He was the king of night time radio in Phoenix. I was honored to be compared to Clarke Ingram when I did nights at Power 92 from 88-90. I always tell me people that he discovered me. 🙂 And got to work with him when he was the PD at KRQ in Tucson.


  3. Clarke was/is one of the greats. Proud to have worked with such a kind soul.


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