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98.3 WESA / Pittsburgh

Rick Allen, 98.3 WESA-FM Charleroi PA

Here’s another from our single-largest Contributor to date, Robyn Watts.

Before this station’s move to Duquesne PA in suburban Pittsburgh, this was a somewhat lower powered rimshot signal. For many years, this was a partial simulcast with its daytime only AM station, WESA. WESA-FM was branded “Class-FM” and at the time of this recording was Adult Contemporary. Unfortunately, we can’t pin down an exact date but it appears to have been recorded in the late 1980 or early 1990s.

Later, in 1998, 98.3 would change formats to Top 40 and change call letters to WZKT. The station was sold to Keymarket Communications in 2000 and they in turn, changed the format again, this time to Country music. The call letters changed to WOGI to reflect a catchy monniker that stuck for quite a while, “Froggy 98”. Digressing for a moment, Keymarket was building a Country brand under the Froggy name elsewhere, notably in Memphis, TN where 94.1 was also a ‘Froggy’ Country station, WOGY (WOGY is now in use in Jackson, TN).

Here’s Rick Allen on a station that sounds pretty classy, 98.3 “Class-FM”, WESA.

98.3 Duquesne Pittsburgh WESA WOGI WOGF WPKV Froggy K-Love Class-FM Rick Allen


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  1. This was in 1987.

  2. I have on aircheck from June 1997 when the station was Top 40-it went simply by 98.3 WESA.

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