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105.7 WVBF / Boston

Gary Williams, 105.7 WVBF Framingham (Boston) | December, 1988

Toward the end of its long, storied history as one of the Boston area’s first successful FM radio stations, WVBF here is a fairly uptempo station, but after two decades of playing contemporary music in one form or another, this station here known as “The Wave of Boston” was not the ratings winner it had once been. Still, there’s a very warm feeling one could get listening to 105.7 at the latter half of the 80s.

Gary Williams is heard a little while before Christmas, and while you won’t hear any Christmas music in rotation, Williams makes mention of Christmas celebrations, and some commercials do as well. So, we’ll place this as sometime in December, 1988 based upon the ‘current’ hits.

Inflation has obviously hit since this was recorded… the Mass Megabucks is only worth about 2 million. ONLY?

105.7 Framingham Boston WVBF WROR WKLB WCLB Mike Osborne JoJo Kincaid Dale Dorman Mike Demambro Harvey Wharfield Loren Owens Wally Brine

Note the logo from 1978 during WVBF’s Top 40 era!

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