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O’Brien In The Morning, WSB-FM B-98.5 Atlanta | April 7, 1987

We often think about the late 1980s as not that long ago. After all, most of us remember the 80s… MTV when it played music videos, hits from Madonna, Steve Winwood and more. But, it really was a long time ago. As of this posting, it was almost twenty-six years ago when Sugar Ray Leonard defeated Marvin Hagler for Boxing’s heavyweight championship in Las Vegas, Nevada. And just how do we know this? Because they mention it in this bit from the O’Brien In The Morning show on the old B98-5! Corrie Dean reports two quick newscasts in this scope. Weather by Channel 25 Meteorologist Ernie Johnson. Take note of the events of the day in this high-quality aircheck taking us back to 1987! Today, the WSB-FM call letters are on 95.5, and the FM simply simulcasts the News/Talk format o...

QuickChexx: Jim Hart, Calvin Hicks; 107.9 WPHR Cleveland | April 10, 1987

A Program Director’s dream length aircheck coming in at about 3 and a half minutes, WPHR is the CHR station known as “Power 108”! Because this is short there is really not much we can say about this. Jim Hart is heard first, he says his goodbye and turns the station over to Calvin Hicks before going into a commercial break. The best part about this is the station imaging. Nice use of echo effects and almost overdone (some might say it IS overdone to the point of distortion), Power 108 is pounded into the heads of young listeners just like the CHR consultants say it should. While the station sounds Urban leaning, there’s still lots of mainstream Top 40 hits in the mix. Not that we can tell in a three minute scope, but we heard no Rock, but plenty of beats. Cleveland ...

“Limelight”, 960 KABL Oakland | September 6, 1960

Suppose you wanted to know what radio sounded like in 1960. You probably thought most stations were playing some sort of popular music. If you judge by this aircheck, you’d be wrong. KABL is licensed to Oakland, but serves the greater San Francisco area. Or, it was in 1960. Back then, the station aired a Beautiful Music format before the format name existed. Listen for an announcement saying, “KABL… Offering Quarter Hour segments of Beautiful Music every hour“. Another slogan heard on this scope is, “KABL… in the air, EVERYWHERE over San Francisco!“. The name of this late afternoon program is… you guessed it, “Limelight”. Listen, as the unnamed announcer paints a beautiful picture as he introduces another segment of Limelight. A f...

Mark & Kim on KOST 103.5 Los Angeles

Simply put, this is by far, the #1 ranked aircheck on this site! Recorded sometime in the 1990s, here’s Mark Wallengren & Kim Amidon and their former wildly popular “Mark & Kim” morning show on KOST 103.5. Judging from the comments posted about this recording, its clear that this morning team was perhaps the most popular in Southern California. Shortly after we posted this aircheck, Kim Amidon was let go by parent company Clear Channel Communications. The morning show has never been the same, but the listener comments continue posting even today, as this has become THE place for current and former listeners to vent. Courtesy of contributor Robyn Watts!

Steve Bleecker, 92.3 WFLY Troy | 1982

Description by Contributor Steve Bleecker: After my 2 year absence from the Radio business, after leaving WROK, Rockford, Il. and joining my Dad’s extremely successful Sales Rep Business…I had ‘Hunger Pains’ to get back on the air …so, I literally pulled the car over, used the pay phone at Denny’s on Wolf Road…and called Kelly Stevens, who was on the air at that moment, and who nicely promised to refer me to Program Director CHUCK TAYLOR! She Did! And I believe that Chuck called me that very evening…and within a few days…I was doing Afternoon Weekends, while still with Don Bleecker Associates. Weekends turned into Full Time Afternoon Drive in late ’82…and Bingo! I was doing my Dream…in Albany, where I was born, in the ...

Steve Bleecker, WFLY 92, Troy (Albany) | 1983

Description by Steve Bleecker: I left for JBQ JUST PRIOR to the “Spring” Arbitron Ratings , which showed Very Big Numbers…NOT ONLY for my Afternoon Drive Show…but for the ENTIRE STATION ! AND…it had been that way for MOST of Chuck Taylor’s reign as FLY’s Program Director ! Matter of fact…that was one of the reasons that Buzz Brindle had been keeping “an eye” on Chuck , later leading to Chuck’s great success at K-Lite/Albany ! WFLY had very nicely , and QUITE ACCURATELY already established itself as ALBANY’S “Hometown Hit LEADER”

Willie and JoJo, 105.9 KALC Denver | February 10, 1997

Here’s a really FUN Afternoon Drive show! Not knowing much about these two jocks, I’ll let the audience comment below and fill in the blanks. Its the 5:00 hour and the topic of the afternoon is, “How did you meet your in-laws?” Just a few songs which are scoped out, and two very long commercial breaks, which we also took out, and this runs about 21 minutes.

Scott & Todd, “The Big Show”, 95.5 WPLJ New York | February 9, 1991

From just their “second week workin’ together”, Scott Shannon and Todd Pettingill put on a hilarious morning show! The pairing that lasted almost 22 years here shows us why. This scope starts us off right in the middle of a talk break. Its sometime before 8:00 and the chemistry between our two hosts and the whole morning cast is evident right from the start. In the second break, John Gray is introduced as their special guest. Gray is the author of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, and our morning duo does a great interview. Its apparent that the interview is for Gray’s upcoming show at the Gershwin Theater. David Bowie is in New York to do a show this particular evening (so, perhaps this was a Friday night?) We get a full newscast from Naomi DeC...

QuickChexx: Ross & Wilson, 77 WABC New York | 1982

New Contributor Ellis Feaster presents this very short bit from Ross & Wilson at the tail end of the music era at WABC. Just ONE break from these guys, but you do get an idea of what WABC sounded like just before going News/Talk. Not much we can say about this one… one break from the guys, part of a commercial, a WABC jingle (from JAM’s “We Like Your Style”) and into “I Love A Rainy Night” from Eddie Rabbit. Fades out at just over a minute and a half.

Russ & Jono, Virgin Radio 1215, London UK | 1996

Now, from brand new Contributor Ellis Feaster, proof that while music on AM may have been dead in the United States by the mid 1990s, overseas it was still very much alive and well! This is the Russ & Jono show on Virgin Radio 1215. There is a lot of hit music, most of it is Rock based. Also, a ton of news (from the Sky News service). Notice how much they poke fun of U.S. President Bill Clinton…

Chip Hobart, 68 WRKO Boston | 1973

Here’s another glimpse of Early 70s WRKO with Chip Hobart at the controls. If you heard that WRKO was known as New England’s Album Station, this is the proof that 68 was, indeed, trending toward an AM AOR format, but with jingles and the jock talking over records. Obviously, the format evolved differently on FM. Chip Hobart is – informative, well versed, and someone who definitely knows the music. I’m curious as to where these jingles came from. They don’t sound like Johnny Mann sings… Heller, perhaps? Who was around in ’73? Compare this aircheck with this other, both courtesy of Steve Bleecker.

Chip Hobart, 68 WRKO Boston | Winter, 1972

"...However when (he) hit The airwaves in New England as CHIP Hobart on WRKO, he had Completely transformed himself "overnight", into this on air "Cool Cat..."

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