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95.5 WPLJ / New York

Scott Shannon’s Final Show, “Scott & Todd in the Morning”, 95.5 WPLJ New York | February 7, 2014

There was a time when WPLJ was still playing Album Rock and a sleepy Beautiful Music station at 100.3 brought the airwaves of New York alive. Z-100 was born out of the creativity that Scott Shannon brought to New York, and ever since that day in 1983, he never stopped to smell the roses. After WHTZ, of course, Shannon went to 95.5 WPLJ, and the rest is history.

Michael Scott Shannon, a personaltiy, program director, consultant, format creator and the voice of commercials and even radio shows like Sean Hannity, ‘retired’ from a 22 year gig as part of the Scott & Todd morning show on WPLJ. Most will remember his entrance into the ABC building all those years ago that seem like just yesterday, when WPLJ was turned into “MOJO Radio” in an effort to turn up the heat against his old CHR station. Over the years, WPLJ went from straight-ahead mainstream CHR, to Rhythmic, to 70s AC to HotAC to Adult AC… It’s about as close to CHR without leaving the “Adult” fold as a radio station can get these days.

Scott Shannon’s retirement comes at a time of great turmoil in the radio business, but even with his departure from a long running local morning show, Shannon will still be in radio. His signature “True Oldies Channel” is still chugging along, and his voiceover career is still hot. We wish nothing but the best to Scott Shannon, and his former partner, Todd Pettingill who continues on the WPLJ Morning Show solo… for now.

And WPLJ continues and will take on a new legacy, the form of which is yet unknown, but with a very rich history from the years before its contemporary music days, as an album Rocker and before that as the FM to the legendary Top 40 WABC… we know there’s still another chapter still to be written about 95.5 FM!

This aircheck covers the second half of the program, from about 8:40 till 10 am. Listen to the phone calls, the people he worked with over the years and the stories… which undoubtedly only scratch the surface of all that happened over the years. As someone who talked about it on social media exclaimed, “Scott Shannon forgot more about radio than I ever learned!”. Listen now, and hear another legend go out in style!

95.5 New York WPLJ Scott Shannon Todd Pettingill

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  1. thanks so much for posting this. I didn’t even know today was his last day until this afternoon. Don’t forget that, right after Z100, he was on KQLZ Pirate Radio in LA for a little while before coming back to NYC to WPLJ.

  2. What can say that hasn’t already been said about Scott Shannon???? I listened to him in Nashville at WMAK during my teen years, then on WQXI Atlanta while in my late 20’s. A legend in radio for sure.

  3. What can you say that hasn’t already been said about Scott Shannon???? I listened to him in Nashville at WMAK during my teen years, then on WQXI Atlanta while in my late 20’s. A legend in radio for sure.

  4. longtime NY radio devotee – this one don’t smell kosher – i see inklings of 2003 and Harry Harrison…

    • From what I gather, you smell correctly. Forced out. But as the professional he is, Shannon never let on. And another legend goes into the sunset…

  5. WOR 710 needs a morning show. That’s where Sean and Rush are. Both Cumulus alumni.
    Perfect fit for Scott. The Elliot Show not a good fit for WOR.

  6. I Hope That Maybe 1 Day That WPLJ Just Might Go To A Alternative Format Because New York Needs A Alternative Radio Station Now More Than Ever.

  7. alot of time lost and “dragging” radio never left the NY area. Never heard him on commercials..Maybe locally, but never nationals…

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