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Los Angeles

Mark & Kim on KOST 103.5 Los Angeles

Simply put, this is by far, the #1 ranked aircheck on this site! Recorded sometime in the 1990s, here’s Mark Wallengren & Kim Amidon and their former wildly popular “Mark & Kim” morning show on KOST 103.5.

Judging from the comments posted about this recording, its clear that this morning team was perhaps the most popular in Southern California. Shortly after we posted this aircheck, Kim Amidon was let go by parent company Clear Channel Communications. The morning show has never been the same, but the listener comments continue posting even today, as this has become THE place for current and former listeners to vent.

Courtesy of contributor Robyn Watts!

KOST 103.5 Los Angeles


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  1. Well – as this time rolls around I am taking bets to see when the Christmas music will start. I say Friday, November 21st. It is sort of bittersweet though because Kim isn’t there and it’s almost been a year. I know, I know, let go and move on. I have been listening to the Morning Show and trying to give it a chance. Old habits die hard. In any event life does go on and I am trying to be open minded.

  2. Christmas 24/7 – it started so the season is on. I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you on this board.

  3. I just read on that Kim Amidon will be a “fill in” person on KRTH 101.

    It will be great to hear her voice again. I am so happy that she will be back on the radio 🙂

  4. I too was disappointed when Kim just suddenly went missing one morning. I wake up to KOST, and hey, just suddenly one day she’s gone. Like switching Darren’s on Bewitched, no mention of it at all, just “hope they don’t notice” (!!!). Now there’s that new gal with the cigarette-smoker’s voice, what’s her name? Kristen? Can’t blame her, though, someone offers you a job, take it. I know she didn’t set out to steal Kim’s job. But poor Kim. Wherever she is, I wish her well.

    • I miss Kim a lot too, been looking for her…
      Why did she leave Kost?

  5. What a load Steve. If KOST can afford to pay Kyra they could have afforded to pay Kim.
    The excuse of a down sizing by Clear Channel was baloney or they would not have hired Kyra, they would have recalled Kim.

  6. Bad move letting Kim go…Changing stations

  7. Kim is now on KEARTH101!!!! Yahoo!!!

  8. I love listening to X’mas songs but I decided to find an alternative to KOST because I wanted to listen to a wider variety of X’mas songs. And it wasn’t the same without Kim’s voice. I just happen to stumble onto KRTH and was pleasantly surprised they played X’mas songs, too (since when?). Then I heard Kim Amidon’s name mentioned. So, I “Yahooed” Kim Amidon and made a pleasant discovery.

    I’m relieved Kim Amidon has found a job back on radio. I can’t wait to listen to one of the best female voices on radio. Kim’s voice sounds whole, smart & assertive but feminine, funny not dominating. Yippee! Wahoo! = Yahoo!


  10. Many times I’d push my preset button for KOST in hopes I would hear the team of Mark and Kim in the morning, but the minute I hear Mark, but not Kim…it’s just not the same…I truly enjoyed the chemistry between them…it made mornings quite enjoyable…I do not get the same feeling…no warm fuzzies or entertainment…it’s ashame…

  11. Since Kim Amadon was fired I haven’t heard the morning show – I tried but it was terrible – not even at Christmas when the Christmas music was playing – I totally listen to KFI – Sorry Kost – I know that they are both owned by Clear Channel but Mark and Kim were great together and not alone. They destroyed the magic.

    • I agree totally. We would love to hear kim again in the morning show with Mark.

  12. It should be noted that Kim Amidon is not really employed by KRTH. She was only brought on board at Christmas to host their Knott’s Berry Farm remote and to do some promos for the holidays. Haven’t heard her at all since the holidays ended. Seems like a ploy to stick it to KOST. I’m sure like most program directors the KRTH PD likes thumbing his nose at the Clear Channel bosses who didn’t think he was needed anymore. He’s done a great job with KRTH, but some of this seems petty. Then again it makes for a rivalry, the kind that LA was home to back in the 60’s & 70’s. As for KOST, yeah the morning show is different, but it’s not as bad as everyone here makes it out to be.

  13. Mark Wallgren:

    Do you remember me? I used to take care of your babies and I had to moved to Texas.


  14. When Kim was gone from Kost 103.5 I was devastated! Mark & Kim were such a good team together. The morning show without Kim was not the same. When Kost started to play 24/7 only Christmas songs from before Thanksgiving through Christmas day, I mainly listen to the “Wave” 94.7. Although I enjoy Christmas songs, but to me the steady “bombardment” got a bit too much. – What a delight to hear Kim’s voice on the “Wave” again and learning that she is part of that station’s team. Good luck Kim. I am glad to hear your beautiful voice on the radio again.

  15. Can’t stand Mark W’s personality. Glad to hear Kim on WAVE.

  16. Used to listen to Kost 103 in the morning. Haven’t listened since Kim Amidon was let go. Clear Channel obviously had a moment of total brain fade when they broke up one of the best morning show teams around.

  17. I just got back from living in Texas these past few years… and the first thing i wanted to hear in the morning was mark/kim…shocker. No Kim/ No Kost…sorry, she made my morning commute enjoyable.

  18. Mark & Kim I love when you start Christmas every year around this time you make me fill like a little girl and that is not easy being a 45 year old mom and 9 kids and grand mother of 17 wonderful grand kids.I just love you for making me fill like a kid!

  19. Hey…I think I may know you…part of the Wahl family…lol! hope I can find out if you are the Mark I’m thinking of!

  20. so funny that I came across this thread for almost 10 years ago. I was a faithful Mark and Kim listener along with listening to KOST since the early ’80s. In a sad way I never really got over the ending of the pairing of Mark and Kim … and here it is 10 years later… Mark is on in the afternoons … Rodrigo is gone … Kristin Cruz is gone.. Bryan Simmons is in New Mexico … one thing is for sure … life goes on. I follow Kim on Social Media and she seems to be living a full and happy life.. Yes I learn for the KOST of old … and for the morning show .. good memories and good times. God bless to all.

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