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98.7 WXLO "99X" / New York

Bobby Rich with special guest Meat Loaf, 98.7 WXLO 99X New York | October 5, 1978

Matt Seinberg Big Apple Airchecks

Bumper Morgan is the first voice you hear on this hour long scope, then Bobby Rich starts off this particular show, in his words, “broadcasting from a brand new studio that’s never been used before”. And with that, this hilarious show which probably unscoped ran about two hour kicks off with Meat Loaf the special guest DJ.

You really must listen to this whole aircheck because the funniest parts are toward the end. Mr. Loaf (as Bobby Rich affectionately calls him) does everything – with some help – that a DJ would do, from reading commercials to announcing records to taking phone calls. Listen to how he handles a call from a woman who swears Meat Loaf is a band and that Todd Rundgren sings in it!!

Many years ago, we had a sister site which featured nothing but 99X airchecks. This was from that collection, which hasn’t been online in probably 9 years or so. We present it brand new, thanks to Matt Seinberg over at Big Apple Airchecks in New York. BAA is an aircheck trading site and Matt’s been ‘in the business’ so to speak for a few decades now. If you’re looking for something, chances are, he’s got something to trade.


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