Updated/Revised 12/21/09


If you’re looking for music, you’re out of luck. Airchexx.com (.org/.net) complies with current copyright law with regard to serving music to the general public. This website exists as an online ‘time capsule’, with audio samples, commonly known in the radio business as “airchecks”, of radio stations as recorded by various persons at the time of broadcast. These airchecks are scoped. That is to say, edited down so that only the station’s broadcast elements (jingles, recorded imaging, liners and jock patter) remain. While in the course of editing these airchecks, a few seconds of a song’s audio can be heard, this is what we consider incidental, and is included only to maintain the continuity of the work.


Airchecks posted for exhibition since April 2006 can be played using a special Quicktime based mp3 player. You must have a copy of the Quicktime standalone player installed in order to listen to our audio. Audio files are encoded at 64kbps at this time, in recognition that most of our visitors are gradually upgrading to a high speed connection, such as Roadrunner or some sort of DSL connection. Just about any internet connection except most slow dialups will allow smooth, very high quality playback. In fact, the quality of playback is so good, in many cases now our airchecks sound as good as the audio originally recorded, with limitations being only the condition of the source media which the audio was originally recorded. We do NOT intend to become backwards-compatible with the slowest of dialup connections. While regrettable, the future is with higher and higher speeds, and we feel that it’s in our best interest to improve our audio quality in order to maintain the highest standards of audio reproduction on the internet, now and in the future. Also, as technology improves, and the availability of better players evolve, we intend and reserve the right to change our listening requirements as appropriate.

Some of our older audio airchecks (posted prior to April 2006) are encoded and made available for playback using RealMedia’s Real Player. It is available as a free download if you don’t already have it installed on your computer. It is our intent to gradually re-master these recordings into the most current mp3 or other form of audio format over time, although there is no timeframe for conversion.

File Sharing, Copying and Distributing:

Airchexx.com’s policy is to not share our airchecks with the general public. Each aircheck has a certain copyright that belongs to someone. We believe that someone is the talent (disc jockey, talk show host, newsperson, etc.) who is presented on each aircheck. In cases where the radio station on the recording is still broadcasting under the same ownership and call letters as when the audio was recorded, the artist shares a copyright with the broadcast company in question. Further, Airchexx.com claims a copyright on all images, and sound recordings which were created by the site curator, or were created specifically FOR this website by others, with their permission. Note: Airchexx policy is in compliance with U.S. Copyright Law on this matter.

What this means to us as a presentor of historical broadcast material is this: Permission to post and, technically, re-broadcast copyrighted airchecks is assumed, unless the creator of any given work (aircheck) gives us written notice to remove such material. In such case, we shall do so at our earliest opportunity (usually within 24 hours of said notice). Under no circumstances shall Airchexx, Radiobb Networks, the site curator or any other party be financially liable for any consequences arising out of us posting said radio airchecks.

Jingles posted individually remain the copyrighted property of their respective owners.

Airchexx.com reserves the right to edit all airchecks received as donations, and the source material provided becomes the sole property of airchexx.com. Persons who donate audio for exhibit on our website who wish said materials to be returned should arrange for such return at the time of donation. Donators shall provide SASE for return of such materials, or arrange for emailed MP3 copy. Please just let us know when you write.

If you believe you own the copyright to a particular work on this site, and you wish to have it removed, please email the site curator immediately. In order to help resolve issues quickly, it would be helpful if you can provide some proof of identity and claim to the aircheck. As previously stated, upon satisfactory proof of ID, we will promptly remove the offending aircheck.

Airchexx does not provide copies of exhibits to listeners, by any means, including CD copies, mp3 or similar file formats, nor do we intend to. To do so would undermine the intent of this website.
Persons listening to our airchecks are prohibited from recording the streamed audio with the intent to distribute. Under no circumstances will any party sell our audio products on Ebay or any other market forum. Our airchecks are not to be ‘swapped’ using a P2P service, such as Kazaa, nor will they be uploaded to any party using AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Trillian, IRC or similar online service. Distribution at flea markets, radio conventions, etc. is prohibited. THE INTENT OF THESE RULES IS TO PREVENT UNAUTHORIZED PERSONS FROM PROFITING OFF THE WORK OF OTHERS. We don’t charge a fee or ask for any renumeration from our guests to listen, nor should anyone else.

Permission may be granted on an individual basis under very special circumstances for a high-quality master. An example of such a circumstance would be a radio station holding an anniversary celebration which asks for a copy of an old recording of that particular station for air use. Such copy would be provided at no charge upon request.

We hope you have an enjoyable listening experience. Thank you for visiting Airchexx – Where Classic Radio Lives!