October 28, 2021

3 thoughts on “Allen Beebe, KLDE ‘Oldies 94.5’ Houston

  1. I would say this came out in 1999, AM/FM was a merger between Chancellor Media and CapStar Broadcasting that happened in 1999. Clear Channel bought AM/FM in 2000 which Clear Channel aquirred Austin’s 1 year 1/2 Jammin 105.9 KFMK from AM/FM.

    Plus it mentions the year 2000. Why would a radio station plan on a year 2000 event in 1997?

    Clear Channel owned KHYS/KJOJ, KBXX, and KMJQ in 1997. AM/FM plus the SFX Broadcasting mergers caused Clear Channel to acquire KKBQ, KODA, KLOL, KKRW and KTBZ which they spun off KKBQ, KLDE and KRTX to COX Radio, KHYS/KJOJ, KBXX, KMJQ to Radio One, Clear Channel bought KTBZ and kept the 94.5 frequency from 1999-2000 timeframe. Clear Channel kept the following KKRW, KTBZ, KODA, and KLOL.

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