An Interview With Dale Parsons – 1230 / 103.1 WBLQ Westerly RI | December 31, 2021

Dale Parsons


It was New Year’s Eve and this is the WBLQ “Time Machine”, a customized version of the original Time Machine that aired on the old 66 WNBC New York. First, a little background on how this show came about.

WBLQ owner Chris DiPaola caught wind of my internet station’s intention to do a second re-creation of the WNBC Time Machine over Labor Day Weekend, Sept. 2021. He asked me specifically if I would be okay with him airing our stream on WBLQ for one day, and I agreed. So, the first instance of the HitOldies Time Machine being aired on over-the-air radio was Labor Day, 2021. After that was completed, DiPaola asked if I would create a version of the original Time Machine for him to air evenings and overnights during the week. It took some setup and purchase of some resources, but we went live on WBLQ on December 1, 2021.

From the beginning, Bob Gilmore and I wanted to make sure this was as close to an authentic show as possible, so I contacted former WNBC PD Dale Parsons, now living in Hawaii, and asked if he could voice a couple of IDs, which he was happy to do for us – full disclosure: Dale was a big part of both of the HitOldies Time Machine Broadcasts in 2021. Now, Chris DiPaola is a huge Dale Parsons fan! He considers Dale a mentor, and so I thought that it would be a really cool idea to have Dale come on our New Year’s eve show and chat a little bit about his career and how the Time Machine came about.

What follows, is over 20 minutes of Dale Parsons stories… about his getting into radio at WGH Norfolk VA, Wolfman Jack, Howard Stern, Soupy Sales and the original WNBC Time Machine. These are some funny stories and you’ll really want to hear this, the background story of the final three years of WNBC radio, as only Dale Parsons could tell it. This should dispel any rumors you hear around the internet as to what happened and why WNBC left the air in 1988, making way for Sportsradio 66 WFAN.

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  1. Eric Grove

    Great interview with Dale Parsons.

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