Beth Bacall, WTJM “Jammin’ 105” New York, Part 1 | October 21, 1999

Beth Bacall is the star attraction on R&B Oldies “Jammin’ 105”. From 60s Motown, through the Disco era of the 70s and into the Rhythmic hits of the 80s, this station played the soundtrack of three generations.

The jingles in use here are classic JAM WABC cuts resung for WTJM. I can identify three packages, including a Top Hour cut that WASN’T used at WABC (They NEVER had a sung TOH until sometime early in the TalkRadio years), but instead was a “Hot Hits” cut used by WZOU in 1985, and lots of other 80s CHR stations. Extra credit for you jingle fans if you can list all the jingle packages and cuts, in order in our comment section.

At the end of this, first of two scoped airchecks, you’ll hear a promo for our good friend Famous Amos – and darn it, wouldn’tcha know the tape ran out RIGHT in the middle of the promo. Well, you can hear most of the rest of it in Part 2.

Jammin105 WTJM Famous Amos Beth Bacall 105.1 New York Rhythmic Oldies Motown Soul Disco WWPR WNSR Hip Hop WDBZ Alternative Frankie Blue Star and Buc Wild


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