Bill Lenke, WTIC-FM Hartford | December, 1978

96.5 Hartford WTIC-FM

Bill (Lenke) Lee holds down one of the most envious jobs in all of radio – as the afternoon jock on New York’s 101.1 WCBS-FM, and around the world on CBS’ “Radio” app for mobile phones (yeah, its a modern technology thing…). Lee has always been one of our favorites!

Bill uses his REAL name at 96-Tics, the Mike Josephs consulted Hot Hits! ™ formatted top 40 that got the ball rolling on hit music on the FM band all those years ago. Don’t know the exact date, but the Christmas commercials can get us close.

Lee was the slammin’ night man on TIC-FM during some of the best of the top 40 years and he never misses a beat. From here, Lee went on to KFRC and some of the best radio ever heard anywhere before eventually ending up in the Big Apple and WKTU.

WTIC-FM Hartford, circa 1977


  1. Cecelia

    Whoa! THE Broadway Bill Lee of WCBS-FM?!?!

    No way!!!!! This is a great find! Thank you for sharing this! 🙂

    • Oh yes it sure is! BTW, Lenke is his REAL name. I don’t believe he ever used anything but Bill Lee after this, which I think was KFRC San Francisco

      • Cecelia

        That is amazing! Bill is a legend!

        BTW, ur site is wonderful. The collection of airchecks u have are intriguing. 🙂

  2. Bruce Stevens

    I first heard him on KFRC when visiting my Aunt and Uncle in SF….

  3. Chris sharp

    What’s funny at KFRC he slipped a few times on night 1 using Lenke, I called the request line operator Brad and asked him what’s his name Lee or Lenke keep hearing 2 different names, Brsd was like Lee I’m like ohh ok I’m so confused

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