Bob Dayton, 101.1 WCBS-FM New York | 1978

101.1 FM New York, WCBS-FM
New York's OLDIES Station - 101 CBS-FM!

It’s been a while since we posted a new WCBS-FM aircheck, and we think this one will delight longtime fans of the ‘Golden 101’! This goes back to 1978. Bob Dayton (WABC, KBLA) sounds warm and personable, and CBS-FM is playing all the great songs from the 50s, 60s and early 70s. This is the station that older New Yorkers remember so fondly.

We think you’ll really enjoy this classic, sent in on cassette. Your webmaster had to clean the audio up a lot on this worn recording, and it came out pretty good, albeit in mono instead of stereo, but that’s what the source recording was.

Remember, this is scoped, which means (for those of you who listen for it) that we have no songs on this or any of our airchecks. Only ‘incidental’ music, a few seconds of songs at the beginning and the end. This is to comply fully with United States copyright law.

101.1 FM New York, WCBS-FM
New York’s OLDIES Station – 101 CBS-FM!

Aircheck # 1,253 since May 2, 2002!


  1. always loved bob dayton but he kind of made a mistake on air talking about hiroshima on wabc

    • Jimmy that was one of those ‘tried to be funny’ on the air and it bombed. Nobody could be Dan Ingram nor should they try. This is the end result of someone with a slower brain than Big Dan!! LOL

  2. Larry

    While Bob Dayton will always be remembered for the mistake he made on WABC in 1965, he sounds great on CBS-FM.

    The jingles that were heard on this aircheck continued to be used when Harry Harrison became the morning man in 1980 and for a while after that.

    It’s airchecks like this one that remind me and I’m sure many others why we were loyal CBS-FM listeners for years.

  3. Steven Green

    Above all, it was the MUSIC on CBS-FM. Especially around the late 1970’s. Unlike most oldies stations, CBS-FM played “Future Gold.” Two current hit songs an air at fifteen after and fifteen to the hour. Most hours, they also played two “recent gold” songs. Songs that were a hit between six months and two years ago. Their blend of big hits, lesser hits, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s was the best mix I ever heard on an oldies station.

    Also loved their jingles and their disc jockeys were completely up to the job and often enthusiastic about the music that they played. My favorite jock there was Dick Heatherton (PM Drive 1972-1985).

    I loved listening to WCBS-FM 101 for so many years.

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