Bob Stewart, Capital Gold 1548 AM London | January 21, 1996

1548 London Capital Gold

Bob Stewart & friendsBob Stewart (left) and friends, legends of U.K. Broadcasting
Courtesy of Contributor Russ Horton, we have a unique recording of a DJ whose voice sounds quite similar to “The Duke of Louisville”. It’s not him, of course, but Bob Stewart definitely has a great set of pipes!

Listening to Capital Gold, one can understand why the Oldies of the 1960s tend to bring everyone together. Music that was recorded at a time before splintered radio formats, mp3 devices, iPhones and computer sharing, Top 40 stations in the U.K. played much the same music as their Canadian and U.S. station counterparts. Perhaps the British stations had deeper playlists than the Americans, but we don’t hear too much of that difference in this aircheck, except for some Beatles album cuts that get played in this 1960s format.

We’re gonna get away from romance in a moment and hit you with Ike and Tina Turner…


This is a good quality recording, which apparently was made on a cassette. Side one, which runs the first half of this aircheck, is a tad muffled, but decent quality without much noise. Side two and the rest of this recording sounds great.

There is a real, Legal ID at the top of the hour and the full Ten O’Clock (PM) News read by Simon Casman. The full recording runs 15:24, and ends abruptly during Stewart’s introduction of Brenda Lee’s “I’m Sorry”.


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