Bob Wayne, 1050 WHN New York | November 20, 1975

1050 New York WHN WMGM

Here’s a tape that came directly from the studio skimmer machine. I’ve been holding on to this since 2006, and while it’s not labelled as such, this was likely donated by Bob Wayne. He’s the jock featured in this short scope taken from a much longer recording that includes country artist C.W. McCall as a guest jock on the Del Demontreax show of the same date.

Speaking of the date, I’m confused. The tape was labelled 1975, but the references to Ronald Reagan running for president and Donald Rumsfeld sworn in as Secretary of state makes me think that this is from a later date… however, Reagan did run against Jimmy Carter in 1976 and Rumsfeld indeed was part of the administration in ’75… decades before working in the GW Bush white house. Go figure. Sometimes you have to go look stuff up, especially when you’re getting close to 60 as in my case and suffer CRS (as my first wife used to say!)

I’ve tried to splice out all the pops from when the tape machine shut off and then turned back on when the studio mic was live. Still, there remains some distortion from when each talk segment starts. Includes a full newscast from Gene Ladd.


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