98.7 WXLO “99X”

Dave Thompson, 98.7 WXLO “99X” New York | August, 1974

Publishing slightly out of order, now, here’s another chapter in the exciting story of Dave Thompson and his job. At 99X! Listen as Dave swings through the jingle as Tarzan wearing a set of General Tires! Okay, perhaps thats over dramatic. General Tire commercials are an ongoing theme on most WXLO, and for that matter, RKO/General radio stations. In fact, billing irregularities were the catalyst for the FCC’s eventual pronunciation of RKO as ‘unfit to be a broadcaster’. Sorry. Different story. This aircheck sizzles along just like the heat wave that Thompson describes as gripping New York on this August day. 99X fans, you will love this! Credits gratefully thanks Contributor Steve Bleecker for donating this high-quality aircheck to the archives. Mr. Ble...

QuickChexx: Dave Thompson, 98.7 WXLO “99X” New York | 1975

Dave Thompson is the subject of this short clip of 99X during a time when RKO’s FM station was beginning to apply serious pressure to ratings king WABC. It would take four more years and a different station to knock off 77 Radio but one of the early major players was this station. WXLO, here, is two years into its 99X format, having flipped from the sleepier, but still Top 40 WOR-FM. It is probably the closest thing RKO had to its then evolving AM Top 40, personality driven format on FM. Could this have been done like this, on FM, in another city? Perhaps Miami or L.A.. But there’s no underestimating the importance of 99X during the formative years of FM’s rise to radio dominance. Here’s why. Credits gratefully thanks Contributor Steve Bleecker for dona...

Don Geronimo on WXLO 99X New York | 1976

From the heyday of New York’s 99X, comes this aircheck featuring up and coming Don Geronimo (of Don & Mike fame). Geronimo went on to work at WPGC Washington DC, and later WAVA Arlington (VA) before ending up at WJFK doing syndicated talk. Compare this with the WAVA aircheck elsewhere on this site and see how much talent this guy has. Click the above playbutton if you prefer to listen in Real Audio format, or Click the Arrow to listen with our embedded player. Mobile devices use this link.

Glenn Morgan on WXLO 99X New York | March 1, 1978

Big thanks to “Magic” Matt at Big Apple Airchecks for some pristine audio of 99X! This is from the end of the best era (IMHO) of WXLO in the days of Disco music and a very heated competition between 99X and crosstown, cross-band 77 WABC. Glenn Morgan Is certainly one of the more subdued jocks on staff. Listen for a break from Al Bandiero at the end of this aircheck!

Brian White, “99X”WXLO New York | Sometime 1974

Short enough to be a MICRO-Check, here’s something new Contributor Keith Teicher sent in a few weeks ago. This is Brian White on 99X, and we’re guessing at the year here – sounds like 1976, although there’s not really enough of this aircheck to really get a feel for the exact date, but one can get reasonably close. UPDATE: Date changed to 1974 thanks to some helpful listeners. WXLO sure is cookin’ in this short composite. We’ve had some discussions about 99X and conclude that had this been on FM in 1983 instead of the mid 70s, there most certainly would never have been WHTZ Z-100 or a CHR WPLJ, and perhaps not even a 92.3 WKTU in it’s CHR form. 99X was light years ahead of its time. And lest we remind you, that was RKO Radio! We’ll NEVER let ...

Composite, WXLO 99X New York | December, 1974

“…99X, WXLO New York, Giving Away 1974!…” Walt Baby Love has always been one of our favorites and this end-of-year ‘check of the old WXLO doesn’t disappoint! Neither does Big Ron O’Brien, who follows Walt… This is the “Q” format perfected for the east and on FM. 99X is legendary, and while it’s been gone for about 30 years now, the memories linger on. Donated this year by Contributor Frank Davis, this recording is another in our series of 99X-Chexx, and we’re impressed! Listen to the wide variety of music that the Funky X (as Walt Baby Love likes to say) is playing at this time… Led Zeppelin into Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes is a great example… and when was the last time anyone heard Elton John’...

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