1370 WSAY

Chuck Ingersoll, 1370 WSAY, Rochester, NY | February 14, 1981

Description by Contributor Chuck Ingersoll: In 1980, Lew Dickey, Sr. purchased WSAY/1370 in Rochester, NY. For many years it had been one of two stations owned by Gordon Brown (the other in the Buffalo suburb of Cheektowaga) that were notable for naming every jock that came to the station Tom Thomas, Jerry Jack, and Mike Melody. With Mack McGuire and Bobby Bell on weekends. There were literally tens of Jerry Jacks, for example, throughout the decades. However Dickey wanted to create a WHAM/1180 clone. WHAM, with its 50,000 watt signal was a local daytime powerhouse and reached 35+ states and Canada at night. WSAY had an excellent directional signal at night that could be heard quite clearly in East Stroudsburg, PA, but not so well in due East and West suburbs of the suburban Brighton trans...