Dave Hull

Dave Hull, 1110 KRLA Pasadena | September, 1966

Date of Recording: September, 1966 (Exact date unknown) Station: 1110 KRLA Pasadena, California Featured Air Talent: Dave Hull (Hullabaloo) Contributor: Robyn Watts Aircheck Entry: 1421 Comments: Here’s a restored recording of 1110 KRLA. The source tape was a bit worn and it was recorded on a machine that wound the tape a tad slow. After pitch adjustment and some EQ and Noise Reduction, it’s listenable. This sounds like a progressive rock station to my ears, more than a Top 40 station. The jingles were very… long and had a hard rock sound to them. Sounds like a station a lot of people today would have loved back then. Dave Hull is the jock. Fondly remembered as “Hullaballoo”. We’ll leave the really juicy comments to you, our visitors!